This was prompted by a can of bad primer that I tried using last night when I was working on getting a bunch of models ready to go under the brush. Now I am mostly going to be mentioning the black primers as its the one that I use the most... and I have only really used 2 different whites.

Games Workshop Chaos Black Spray             $15.75/can
     I started out using this primer many many years ago and back in the day it was really good primer and I never had problems with it. Though it seemed to me that as time went on the quality went down as the price went up. Though I have heard that the new cans of spray are really a good primer I just can not justify spending this price per can. Unless there is no other choice I won't use this brand... and there is always another choice. Now I keep calling it a black "spray" and not a primer because it really isn't a primer and even GW does not call it a primer.

Privateer Press P3 Black Primer                       $9.99/can
     This one was one that I wanted to try and never had the chance too until recently. My local game shop started stocking the P3 primers recently and I figured I would give it a try even though it is $10 a can. I figured that as much as I like the other paints that they make I would like this too. Man was I wrong. I am not sure if it was just a bad can or what the deal was but I can tell you now that there is no way that this one is worth the price... in fact I wouldn't even use it if it was free. Even after shaking the crap out of the can or over 5 minutes when I went to spray the models it came out almost looking grey. It was like there as almost no pigment in the can. it was all aerosol and medium. And even if you have a spray booth... DO NOT spray indoors. The odor is really bad and lingers for a while. I sprayed the models last night outside and when the models were brought back inside they brought the smell with them... and its still there a little today. Now the P3 White primer I have no problems with in fact it is my favorite white primer. So it really makes me wonder if it was a bad can. I am just not going to spend another $10 just to find out.

Army Painter Base Primer Matte Black            $10.99/can
     This is one of those primers that even though it carries a higher price tag I do recommend using it. It has nice coverage even in really thin layers. Though I will warn you that the same rule applies to this as their colored primers, too close and the models look like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man and too far away and your models look like they are covered in powder. The colored primers are a touch more expensive at $14.99 a can.

Armory Spray Primer Black                               $5.95/can
     This is my all time favorite primer. It is affordable and has great coverage even it thin layers like the Army Painter. The one thing that I can warn you about with this primer is that it is VERY easily influenced by the temperature and humidity. When the can says use between X and Y it means it. Also if you live in an area where it is really humid you can forget about using this primer cause it will take for ever to dry. But every primer is affected by temperature and humidity this one seems more so than others. So plan your spray days accordingly. The biggest downside to this one is it can be hard to find. I do know that you can get it from The War Store. One of my local stores normally stocks it so that is where I get it from.

And before anyone comes out saying anything about how I bashed on their favorite primer or they don't like the ones that I like. Keep in mind that this is all based on my opinion and personal experiences. Also When I do spray outside I normally do so when the temperature is between 70 and 90 degrees out and humidity is below 55% whether I am spraying in the garage where I can control the temperature with a space heater or actually outside.

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  1. Your Black P3 primer wasn't a bad can - I bought the same product about 3 weeks back, and got the same results. In fact, I was wondering myself if I'd just gotten a bad can. Now I know!

  2. That solves that problem. Thank you for the feedback on that, cause now we both know that it wasn't bad cans.

  3. I've had great success with Krylon's spray primers. The flat black, flat white, and flat gray have all served me well over the last few years, are easily found at Wal-Mart, Michael's and Hobby Lobby, and usually run $4-6 a can. They *can* be a little finicky with temp/humidity changes, but at that price I'm willing to wait an extra day or two to prime.

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