Just wanted to hop on here and throw out a quick update to let you all know what was happening here in the studio. Yesterday was sort of a big day as 2 jobs arrived on the same day. One being a small pocket of IG that shouldn't take but a few days as there is only a command squad and a squad of veterans. Also arriving yesterday was a small group of Trollbloods that I am doing up for a friend, again another small batch that should only take a few days as there are not very many pieces to paint in the box.

Today... a copy of Dreadball made its presence known in the studio so I am going to be working on that just as soon as I get these other 2 knocked out. This one I cant wait for cause it looks like it is going to be a lot of fun to play. I have already cracked it open and looked at the pieces and they are really nice looking... just a lot of little fiddly arms to glue on. But its all good they should be seeing paint very very soon as well.

Also in the rumor mill for the studio... there are talks of Necrons and even some Flames of War stuff making there way into the studio very very soon. Time to crack that whip and get busy I guess.

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