This past week I had a client order some Flagstone bases from Mr. Justin over at Secret Weapon Miniatures. Now this is for an ongoing project that I am working on for my client but I wanted to show you guys these bases.

When they arrived I got them all cleaned up and washed them in warm soapy water like you should do with resin products. And of course I took them out and sprayed them black and got to work getting them painted.

When working with resin bases I personally always paint the models off base and then attach them then they are all finished. I find it easier this way to keep the unwanted paint off the bases or the models. This is my personal preference and some of you might not like doing things that way which is cool... I just prefer to do things this way. Now before I show you how these bases turned out I just have to say that I love the sculpt on these bad boys. As always Mr. Justin knocked this one out of the park and this makes me proud to say that 2Ton Studios uses Secret Weapon products.

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