So the other day I was having an conversation with Mr. Justin over at Secret Weapon Miniatures and we got to talking about razor wire. And how I preferred the "wire wrapped around a wire" type that you can get from either Games Workshop or Army Painter. And he preferred the stuff that he sells which is a flat brass etched razor wire. So I ordered some of his cause I wanted to see the difference first hand cause he was adamant that his looked better. Of course I had seen it used in pictures and in videos that he had done on his site about how to use his masterclass kits.

Well when it arrived this is what you get. It is a flat sheet of very thin brass and you have to cut it off the frame to use it. If you were to cut it all off and separate it out there is over 18 feet of razor wire here for only $15. I am not sure how much you get from GW but you pay almost $10 and $5 for 8 feet from Army Painter. So the other 2 might be cheaper for the amount that you get but I was starting to lean more to liking the stuff SWM.

So once you get a strip separated from the frame (wear gloves this stuff is sharp)just wrap it around the handle of a paintbrush to achieve a "coil" and stretch it out and bend it into the shape you want like what I did below.

Here you can see that I took the stuff that I got from GW that I used the same method to re-size their coil down to a smaller coil so it looked more like the right scale for the miniatures we use.

Here you can see both the SWM brass etch razor wire next to the GW "wire wrap" razor wire.

Now that I have managed to get my hands on some of the stuff from SWM I must say that Mr. Justin. You have brought me over to your side on this one. I think from now on I am going to use the razor wire from you instead. It does look more realistic and more appropriate for the scale of miniatures that we all know and love.

The only real drawbacks that I can find with this razor wire is the fact that you have to cut it off the frame and the connecting pieces can be hard to see if you got them all. Also this stuff is really sharp. Not as sharp as a hobby knife blade or anything like that but shape enough that its gonna feel like you just got a really bad paper cut. So if you do decide to use this stuff please be careful and I do recommend wearing gloves just to keep from getting cut up. But if you are careful you shouldn't get cut by it.

Over all I would say this one gets a 4.8 out of 5 because its cons are extremely minor and its pros are outstanding, cause lets face it... it really does look more realistic.

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