The 2Ton Studio mail almost blew up today because of a nice shipment of products from our friends over at Secret Weapon Miniatures. I ordered some washes and the mud and water kit and I also managed to get my grubby little paint covered hands on some of Mr. Justin's new round lip rocky bluff bases.
Now this is my first experience with resin bases from SWM. Mostly because I make my own, but after this I might have to change my mind on that one. And I must say out of all of the resin bases out there that I have used in the past (including my own) these are the best quality I have seen.
First impressions-
They are a grey resin that is real light and durable. They have a really high level of detail to them so that they actually look like boulders and rock outcroppings. There are a few small air bubbles in the resin but for the most part they look like natural pits in the rock surface.
Prep time-
Not much really... They had some slight flashing that had to tried off but that is to be expected. They don't have an oily look or feel to them but I still recommend that you wash the bases in soap and water to get any oil off the surface that might be there. When I was filing the edges down I did discover some larger air bubbles on the sides of the bases but with those I just took my hobby knife and opened them up a little more and filled them with some grey stuff. Not that big of a deal... And if you have ever worked with Forge World or the new GW Finecast models this is nothing new. But no where near as bad as those. The bases I got from SWM were not over or under poured in anyway. They had nice flat bottoms that did not have to be filed or ground down in any way.
Overall decision-
Saying that I am impressed with these bases is a gross understatement. These bases are awesome. My only complaint with them is that the 50mm base does not have a nice flat top to it so heavy warjacks would have to have their feet and legs slightly modified so they can't really stand flat footed. Though I wish these were around before I started my Khador because I would love to base my entire Khador army with these bases.
In conclusion I have to give this set if bases a 4.8out of 5 because of the 50mm base not being heavy 'jack friendly. BUT Mr. Justin has informed me that there is another 50mm base in the works for this set and it should be more heavy 'jack friendly.

For those interested in these bases they go up on the SWM site on Monday the 9th and will be priced just like the other round lip bases.
10@ 30mm for $10
5@ 40mm for $10
1@ 50mm for $5
There will also be an "All Your Base" set that has $22.50 for 10 30mm, 5 40mm, and 1 50mm bases.

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