Okay I said I was going to post this review then the washes... But I loved the washes so much that they couldn't wait. So On with the Mud review.

What all comes in the kit:
Weathering Pigment: Dark Earth
Weathering Pigment: Terracotta Earth
Weathering Pigment: Clay Brown
Modeling Plaster (approx. 2g)
Fine Grain Sand (approx. 5g)
"Realistic Water" (2 oz. dropper bottle

And Costs $21.50

And as you can see from the picture you are getting the normal amount sold for the weathering pigments. You also get a handy little instruction sheet that I highly recommend you read over it before you start using the kit. The best instructions for this kit are on the Secret Weapon site because you get pictures to follow and the instructions are a little more involved. Which those were the instructions that I followed when I got the kit in my grubby little hands. So I grabbed a spare 50mm round lip base I had in the bucket and got to work. My base once it fully dried and I added a little more realistic water to the base in spots so it looks like water has pooled up to form puddles.

This is my Final Result:

Now... I will warn you that if you intend to use the models in actual play then I would suggest another way to base them because this stuff can and does chip off the base (even if you seal it) if you handle the models a little roughly or put them in and out of their foam homes.

Overall I love the look of the product and I think it would be a great way to base up models for masterclass show pieces. If you run out of plaster, sand, or realistic water Mr. Justin does offer a refill kit that has those items in it. If you run out of one or two of the powders you can buy them separately.

I am going to give this kit two different scores because it really comes down to the intended use of the product. If you are wanting to use it for like a Masterclass competition piece I give the kit a 5 out of 5 because it looks awesome and it is really easy to use. I also love the way that you can get a refill kit if you run out of some of the components. Now for tabletop gamers that want their models to look cool... I give this product a 4 out of 5 because it chip off if you don't get the mix right. Honestly for the gamer side I would suggest that people use Mr. Justin's resin bases rather than this kit just cause I would hate to see people put in all the hard work to have awesome looking bases on their models just to have it chip and break off. But if you are a gamer and you are determined to take that best painted title at a tournament then by all means think about buying this product.

(EDIT: Okay... after a brief chat with Mr. Justin over at SWM I think I know why I am getting the chipping on the mix. I think it is a combination of too much plaster and not enough realistic water. I tried a second base just a few minutes ago and once it gets a full cure I will know for sure if thats the case.)

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  1. Thanks for the great review!

    I'm surprised you're getting chipping though. The original base I used for the product tutorial is still kicking around in my travel kit. It doesn't show any particular wear and should survive as a gaming base.

    It could be that you used too much sand or plaster -- or maybe not enough Realistic Water. The finished result should be pretty chip resistant though.

  2. I will give it another go here in a few days... I am ankle deep in Firestorm Armada at the moment.

  3. so,after your 2nd try,does it still chipp from bases? I would love to base my fow army with mud,and this seems like a great way to do it!

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