So here we are again... time for another review of a wonderful product from Secret Weapon Miniatures. This time I am going to give a review on some of the Washes that Mr. Justin has available, Soft Body Black and Ruby. I have a few others that I can review as well but I am going to lump all of the washes into one review because I believe that they are all made with the same high quality.

When I got the Rocky Bluff bases I just knew that they would be perfect for my Khador army so when I picked up a new piece to add to my tournament army I decided to mount him on one of the new bases and paint it up that night. First I painted the base in various shades of grey for the rocks and browns for the dirt that surrounds the rock. I then used the soft body black wash over the whole base and then I added final dry brush highlight to the base.

I then moved on to painting the model I bought which was a Sylys Wyshnalyrr from the Warmachine Mercenaries faction. Being that this piece was for my Khador army I painted his cloak in shades of red. Once I had the Red the way I wanted it I I decided to use the Ruby wash to deepen the red some more.

So the Review...

The Washes from Secret Weapon come in 1/2 ounce dropper style bottles (which if you remember from my Reaper paint review I love the dropper bottles) so they are perfect for putting out just a drop or 2 of the wash if that is all you need. Now if you order these or if you have a local shop that you can pick these up from shake the ever living crap out of them because some of the pigment will settle at the bottom of the bottle. There are 30 different colors to choose from and they are only $2.99 a bottle. So first off they are cheaper than the GW washes and they come on a ton more colors. They have a high pigment count and are a little on the thick side but I just added a drop of "flow improver" to the wash and it was perfect for what I wanted to use it for. So with all that being said I have to give this product a 5 out of 5 for ease of use, quality, and value. I plan on getting more of them thus getting me completely away from GW products.

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  1. What is 'flow improver'? Windex?

  2. I use Windsor & Newton flow improver. you can get it from most art stores. Another good option is Liquitex Flow Aide (which is the same thing)

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