Okay gang... this is something that I have been working on for a while now and and after a little bit of back and forth between me and an awesome guy out in California named Mr. Justin...

I am pleased to announce to you... my fans, friends, and followers that 2Ton Studios can now honestly say that we do only use the best products on the market. Here in the studio whether its your models or mine Secret Weapon Washes and Pigments are the only washes and pigments that will ever be used. I strive to give you the best and now I can say that I can as far as washes and weathering pigments go.

Check out the stockpiles that I have in the studio as of today...

Thats right... I just got in the last of what I needed to complete the sets. So now I have all 23 weathering pigments and all 30 washes. And Yes this stuff really is the best on the market!

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