Thats right people... 2Ton Studios is getting into Infinity. Not real sure if I will be actually playing it or not but the models are wicked cool. Some of the best sculpts I have ever seen... hands down.

Now with that being said I want to throw this little introductory deal out there for anyone that might be interested in joining me on this one... ALL... and I do mean ALL Infinity models that are ordered through me will be sold at 20% off MSRP. But as usual there is just one small catch with ordering the models through the Studio... you also have to have them painted by me. Now since the models are so beautifully sculpted I am only going to be offering the Level 2 paint jobs on these models, cause honestly they don't deserve anything less.

Infinity models come on standard 25, 40, and 60mm beveled edge bases so be thinking about ordering some wicked cool resin bases for them as well. I would suggest the ones from our good friend Mr. Justin over at Secret Weapon Miniatures. And the bases can be ordered direct through me as well.

Just a little something for you guys to think about. I know I am giving this game a serious thought cause not only are the models really cool but the basic how to play pare of the rulebook is a free download off of the Infinity website.

So if you are thinking about this game and you want to get your models at a discount and have them painted so you can start playing as soon as you get them just shoot me an email at and I will get you a quote.

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