I have had people asking me for a long time to "show" them the different levels I offer. Now I for warn you pictures do not really do any of these levels justice. I decided to use three of the Ork Nobz from the old AoBR box... needless to say I have a bunch of these models just piled up in a box on the shelf.

First up Level 1. Very basic... just base coated the model with the colors desired and then various washes are applied to help pull out some of the detail. Really this is my "tabletop 3 color minimum". Not gonna win you any paint competitions but will keep those pesky judges off your back for not having painted models.

Next up... Level 2. At this level I go a little more into the model using primarily dry brushing and adding in some layering and wet blending techniques depending on the situation, the model and the color choice. I also pull out the Secret Weapon Washes and do a little glazing as well. These models will have more defined highlights and shadowed areas. I introduce weathering at this level... it may be dust and dirt... a little rust here or there... or maybe even blood splatter. Depending on the other armies in your area this level MAY get a best painted nod or two.

Finally I give you Level 3. This is my master level... no drybrushing is used on these models. This level is multiple thin coats of paint built up in layers to show highlights and shadows. This level is also where I will add in the most weathering to the model... (though not on this ork... he is fresh out of the Trukk). At Level 3 I will also pick out the most details giving you the most bang for your buck. For other examples of this level be sure to check out the Trollkin Kiltlifter from Privateer Press that I painted up for the Crystal Brushes competition at the 2012 Adepticon.

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