Thats right people...  I just reset the clock but I couldn't help it. I got a wonderful box of models in the mail yesterday and I was shocked when I opened it and saw a bunch of old school GW plastic Squats. Now some of you know that I am no stranger to Squats as I have painted them before. but these are different as they are the plastic ones.

Now I am going to be converting them over to use the Cadian arms so their Lasguns look right along with their other weapons. I am also going to be giving some of them arms and bits from the fantasy Dwarf line. I am excited about this little project. I cant wait to see it done.

More on this little project as I get them done...

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  1. If you don't mind me asking please o' please tell me where you found em'?

  2. They actually are not mine... they are for a client. He sent me a bunch of them to convert over to Cadian arms and give them a good paint job.

  3. Got about 100 more of them too but wow do they need a good stripping....

  4. some of these are in need of a good stripping too...

  5. Yeah I sent the ones that seemed the thinnest coat or I had already stripped. I have 82 of them sitting in superclean right now lol :)

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