So I am done with my Warmachine stuff for a little while... and I am in a holding pattern on commission stuff until they arrive in the mail (I have 2 on their way). So I decided to work on stuff for my portfolio and nothing is off limits. If it is in this house it is going to get painted over the course of the next week.

So I got my grubby hands on some of my Dads Ultramarines that he has been swearing that he was going to paint for about a year now. Well I got tired of the talk and took things into my own hands and started painting them for him.

So I give you Captain Mathias.

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  1. Send him to want to send him to me...clearly your Dad has no interest :P Nice work Wolfy. I always thought Capt. Matt was holding that Bolter a bit strangely..but it works well when he is painted.

  2. very nice Wolfy...Cleveland

  3. Thanks guys. Im still getting used to the wet blending method and using thin layers of paint. But all in all I think I am getting the hang of it.

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