These are my Wracks... I painted them up on wednseday at the weekly paint night at the FLGS. I am thinking about painting my Guardian next... and I say that cause he is the one sitting on my table waiting for paint.

After him all thats left is my castigator, my deliverers and then everything for my original points lists will be painted. but I still have 2 reclaimers (that I just picked up today) the Testament of Menoth, Serverius, Harbinger, and a unit of Knights Exemplar. I am supposed to be getting some stuff from a friend so that list might be growing... and my 35pt lists might be changing.

Anyway... enjoy.

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  1. Er..are these models or terrain peices? lol They could be either I guess. They are definitely good looking though, regardless of purpose.

  2. they are models... they have really cool special rules that allows me to make them go boom

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