Sorry its taken me a little while to get these guys posted... I didn't get them finished at paint day like I was planning because I spent a good portion of the time talking to the store manager as well as the owner later in the night about some ideas for up coming events that I want to run for the Painters Alliance. So anyway with that out of the way... I give you a pair of Reclaimers that I picked up last week. They are Menoth solos. Don't know how well they will do on the battle field but the look cool. And they were kinda fun to paint... a little more of a challenge than I thought they would be.

In the book their robes are black but I decided to change that up and paint them red cause well I like red... and its not the normal sanguine red that is used on a lot of the Menoth stuff its more of a true/dark red. And yes the areas that are black like the sashes are highlighted with blue instead of grey. If you look close you can see it. I think it gives a nice effect but I am still playing with it.

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  1. These guys look Bad Ass Wolfy! Nice!

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