So just wanted to get on here tonight and post up real quick as to what all to expect this month from me here in the studio.

Well as you can see from the way the month started off I am still working on Warmachine stuff. The Menoth stuff is almost all caught up for what I have to get painted for my points lists. All that is left is a full unit of Clensers, a full unit of deliverers, and 2 heavy 'Jacks. Really for me... like a weeks worth of work. Plus I have some other stuff that I have to get painted so I can turn in my application to become a Press Ganger. That is my first real big goal with this game. Yeah I know if I get on with them that I wont be able to play in any more tournaments, but I can still play in fun games. Plus I am going to try to get a league going at the FLGS once I find out if I am a Press Ganger or not.

My Motivational Challenge entry for this month is already done and posted (scroll down one post) so no more 40k stuff scheduled this month unless I get a commission to come in. I have several in negotiations, but right now thats really all I can say about those at the moment because I don't know if I am going to get them or not.

I have a couple secret projects in the works... but more on those once I find out more information on them.

So back to painting I got.

Keep painting world... and remember... unpainted miniatures are boring miniatures. So if you don't want to paint it or you don't have the time to paint it... just shoot me an email and let me know what you got and I will get a quote back to you within 24 hours.

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  1. Hmm I posted a reply here but it seems to have been eaten by the flying spaghetti monster. I digress. I hate that I am looking forward to seeing more War Machine work..but I am SORELY tempted to buy some of them just to see what they are like. My plan is thus: I will tell my wife the following! "Honey these are just a different Army in 40k. They all look different." and then I will see if that gets by her without me getting smacked. :P

  2. good luck hex...

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