So I finished painting these guys last night... well more like at 6am. I would of finished them then but sleep won that argument so I finished putting them together and based them this afternoon. I decided to take it easy this month on the moto challenge because last month I went big and painted 20 kroot and 5 hounds. Not 100% sure what I am doing for next month... but I will cross that bridge when we come to it.

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  1. tauriffic!!!

  2. Ya know... I have been waiting for someone to say that when I post up Tau stuff I paint.

    Oh well... back to WM stuff... the master is cracking the whip

  3. I think the only problem I have with Tau is the BIG heads :P I do like this color scheme though. I am SO bored of the brown and light brown look to Tau. Nicely done Wolfy!

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