Well I got my Castigator all done... and got his pictures taken just in time too... my batteries died in the camera. So I need to get more before I can take more pictures. But 600 pictures and 3 sets of batteries not all that bad I would think.

Anyway I am all done painting warjacks for these points lists until I either buy more or I get a special care package from one of my friends that I still have to pay him for.

Up next... Deliverers.

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  1. These guys must be similar to the Dreads in 40k huh? Slick paint :)

  2. Not even close... just go get the rule book... its only like $30.

  3. Very Very good.

  4. Er..which one Wolfy? I keep seeing Warmachine: InsertFantasticalNameHere but I have never see just "Warmachine"

  5. Warmachine Prime MK2 thats the new rule book... the others are out of print expansions

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