So... I have been toying around with different stuff to make Snow for bases for a while now. I have used the snow you can get at model train stores, and the stuff from Games Workshop. I have even used the crushed glass snow from Secret Weapon (which I did love mind you). But they were all a little too coarse of a snow for this scale of miniatures. Well... I have finally discovered a way to make snow and get it to look like a snow drift or a pile of snow. BEFORE YOU ASK... NO... I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU HOW... YET... I am doing that because I am looking into marketing and selling this snow. I hope that I can work something out. If not... then I will let the secret out. Now if any of you want to know... then pony up with a little money and I will tell you... but then you will be sworn to secrecy cause I dont want to let the whole world in on it just yet.

The model in the pictures is a Sorcha that I painted a while back I decided to rebase her on a new resin base that... yes... it is a round lip 30mm base... I will be working on getting those done up to add into the base inventory soon. The snow was added to give the base a little better effect.

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