So this is another one of those pieces that I finished up at the start of the month and I am just now getting him posted up so that people can see him. I have been really busy with Resin bases and looking for investors for the studio because it is major need of upgrades to equipment and storage. Anyway I painted this up for the old mans Grey Knight army because I really wanted to help him get that army done and playable... and because he really likes the way I paint characters.

So... there you go... just a regular terminator Librarian for a Grey Knights army. Some of you might notice the spectral skull from the hand and think to your self how that looks familiar. Well apparently since I did the one for the Toys for Tots army last year it seems that I have become famous for that little modification and I get asked to do it rather often. I felt that this one needed to be painted purple though. Just because...

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