So... Like the title says this is my review of the Mr. Dandy Battle Wolf Mounts. There are several models out there from several different sculptors for these since Games Workshop still refuses to make a set out of plastic. This is a really nice set its $95USD (with shipping here in the states) which is a really good deal if you ask me. One of the things that I really like about these is that each wolf came with a set as armored legs that all you have to do is come up with the upper bodies. There were very few imperfections on these models like what you can find on some smaller companies resin cast models. Just a little green stuff here and there and they were all set for priming and painting. Put it to you this way... I use less green stuff on these 5 wolves than I did on 1 model from Forgeworld (that I cant picture name yet cause its a surprise... and no its not a titan). The wolves themselves are just a bit cartoonish in the way that they are designed but that I can really overlook because they are very nice models. Also size wise compared to Canis and his mount... they are just a slight bit larger than Canis, but with a little sculpting and a rock... Canis matches up to them just fine.

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