Okay... this is the first in a series of pieces that I am starting to work on for events like Crystal Brushes and Golden Demon. Yep... you just read that correctly. I am going to start working on stuff for painting contests and big ones at that. I have been saying since I got started that I am not a professional until I gain some kind of notoriety and win some awards. This being my first round of competitions I am just hoping to make it past the first round of cuts. That will be a big deal for me. If I truly make it all the way to the end and gain an honorable mention or even place... there are not enough "downers" on the face of the planet that will be able to bring me down from that level of joy. I want to make my mark on the painting community and I feel that now is my time.

So first up is the Nurgle Blight Drone from Forge World. I got this piece specifically for the sake of painting because I thought it looked cool and I wanted to paint one. I decided that I was going to add this to the pool of comp pieces when I got it done and I had several people tell me how much they really liked it. This piece marks a few firsts for me. the biggest one being that it is the first piece that I have every used a Gloss coat on instead of a matte. But I wanted the fleshy parts to look like they were slimy and covered with some sort of mucus. The rust effect was achieved by using the Rust Brown and Rust Orange weathering powders from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Justin... if you read this... I love your powders and I cant wait to get the whole set.

Now... what pieces do I have planned for competition purposes you ask... well... lets just say its going to be a heavy Chaos theme this year. And we will leave it at that.

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  1. Nice.... Looks great! Pap Nurgle would be proud :)

  2. thank you thank you... I have high hopes for this stuff

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