As the Title says I am going to give a quick review of the Secret Weapon Miniatures Weathering powders. I picked up the Rust set a few weeks back and I have finally found a really good use for them, and I felt that they deserved a product review.

First off the price... you can pick these up for $4.99 each online or if you head over to the Secret Weapon site you can pick up the rust set (like I am talking about here) for only $13.50. He gives you a 10% discount when you buy the sets. Then of course there is the mother of all sets that has all 22 pigments for only $95.00 one hell of a deal if you ask me. In the Rust set you get Orange, Red, and Brown rust colored Powder.

Value and Quality... These are really top quality weathering pigments. Personally I would put them up there with the likes of MiG and some of the other ones that out there if not better. PLUS... you dont get just a tiny little amount for the $5. You get a small tub that has (about) 20mL of powder in it. The tubs are VERY clearly labeled so if you have them sitting on a shelf or in a dimly lit drawer you can still read the label and see which one you are grabbing.

Ease of Use... These powders are super simple to use. You can use them as a straight brush on powder (seal the model as you go otherwise your powder wont stick), or you can mix in a little mineral spirits or water to make them into a paste. I used both methods when I worked on the Blight Drone.

Overall Score... I would give them 4.5 out of 5 Anvils for the simple fact that not every game shop carries them so it makes getting them a little harder to accomplish. So it requires a little prior planning... if you start running low you better order some in advance cause these are so good... you dont want to run out.

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