So next up on the block for this commission was a small unit of old school Swooping Hawks. And let me tell you they are top heavy little buggers. But they were a blast to paint especially saying that it was the first time I have ever painted them before... and the funny thing is... there is like 6 shades of blue on these guys.

This is the first of many parts to an eldar commission. Not all that bad saying that they only took me like 3 to 3.5 hours to paint. I honestly forgot that I am not a huge fan of eldar and all of their gems on their armor. And I have a question... what is with GW and wanting to paint them uber bright. I prefer the more dark and muted tones that I painted them.

And before anyone says anything... they are not based because the person I am painting the eldar and the arbites for did not want them any more based than that.

These are some Adeptus Arbites that I painted up for a client. Painting these up for him makes me want to get another squad of them and paint them up just for the fun of it. They were a real joy to paint and it was nice to paint something other than Space Marines for a change.

Whats next on the plate other than the Moto Challange for May?


So here is one of my personal projects that I have been working on. Over on the Freebootaz forum there is a motivational challenge for the bootas to participate in each month. So each month is a seperate challenge they do not have to be from the same army but each month is a different slot from the force organization chart. This month just so happened to be Fast Attack. So my project was 3 Tau Pirannahs.

Okay. I would like to introduce the new and improved 2 Ton Studios. Ridding the world of unpainted models... one model at a time.

I know this world is full of unpainted models and people that don't really have the time to paint them yet. So let me paint them for you.

For rates quotes just shoot me an email as

So for those of you that I paint figs for... be very very aware that the rates are about to go up... because this is going from a hobby to a business... and I am way undercutting the competition and I don't want them being mad at me. So if I already have something of yours that I am painting already the rate you were quoted will stay the same... everyone thinking about having me paint for you... sorry but it has to go up. I will offer sales and discounts from time to time so keep an eye out for those.

This is something I have fought over in my head for the last 2 days now... and I finally sat down and figured up the math on my rates and the amount of time they take. One of them I did was less than $3 an hour. I can't do that again.

So there is going to be a rate change... I am researching what the new rates will look like. If you are still interested in hiring me just get a hold of me and I will discuss it with you. That is if there are any of you still out there after this.

And like I said I will run specials every now and then and they will get posted up here.

And one more thing before I wrap this up I am looking into getting an account set up with a distributor so I can order stuff and then paint it at a discount to you the customer... but more on that later if I can even get that set up.