So I have been working on these guys for like a week and a half now and I finally got them done. They took a little longer than I had originally planned... but every time I turned around I found some other new detail that I wanted to paint in a color that I just used like 3 colors ago. So there was a lot of back and forth and a massive amount of touch ups because they came to me fully assembled and all I had to do was paint them, and let me tell you... that is a huge pain in the ass with those wings on there. Oh and each set of wings just by them selves took like 2 hours each.

The pictures honestly do not do these guys justice but the do look awesome either way. Oh and even the thruster ports on the jump packs look like they are at full throttle. I need to get some pictures of that too I guess.

So in the middle of painting some Sanguinary Guard models for demonllamma I had this Sorscha model sitting on my table... and since they would use alot of the same colors I decided to paint her up at the same time that I painted the Sanguinary guard. Though she started to serve as more of a distraction and a way for me to procrastinate more than I should of. But the more I painted on the model the more I wanted to see her finished. But now that shes done I can get back to work on what I need to be painting...

So thats all for now...

Well here is Demonllamma's Rhino for his Blood Angels. This is what happenes when I get in the mood to paint and I actually have the time to do so and I feel good. Working like a fiend I find it hard sometimes to get in the groove to paint like I used to. But this was a productive day off. So I am happy.

So this is the start of the Blood Angels that have been sitting on my shelf for a little while now. I hope to have the army painted before too long. This should be a quick army to get painted up I hope.

So this is the Forge World Chaplain dreadnaught. The client requested that I paint it using the Blood Angels colors instead of black so that it can be used as either a furioso dread or a librarian dread.

So another month... another motivational challenge done. This month was painters choice... I was going to paint up some more Firewarriors for my Tau and I had these wonderful models from Forge World that I had a buddy pick up for me while he was in England just sitting on my shelf BEGGING to be cleaned up and put together and painted. So I chose to listen to them this month instead of what I was originally going to do. BUT that does not mean that I wont still be painting other Tau stuff, cause while I am working on Blood Angels if I get tired of seeing red all the time I might cleanse my pallet and paint something Tau.

So this being November I have 11 challenges done for gold and one more to go. So I am going to start painting on some Blood Angels and try to decide what I am going to do for my objective marker for next months challenge.

Okay... like I posted in the last post... I finally received the Promethius Land Raider in the mail from England. Now I kick everything else off the paint table and put the paint machine into high gear and got this bad boy painted. I wanted to get it painted this week so that I could get it sent out to sunny California so Maldus can get it and the other stuff that I painted for the army's pictures taken so in hopes they will draw a little more money for the army. Since it is going up on ebay and the money that is made off of it will be given to the Toys for Tots. I have been talking about this for months now, and I am proud to say that I have finished what I had pledged to paint up for the army.

So I just need to get it all boxed up and shipped out. In the last picture on this post you can see all 3 pieces that I painted for the army. I hope it goes to a good home and everyone is impressed with this stuff.

So October comes to a close... and November brings a new month... and with that a new update. And of course a rundown of everything that I have on my plate. Which the plate is getting smaller because I have less and less time to paint. BUT I have managed to get the stuff for Australia all taken care of, and the Promethius finally arrived so I could get the rest of the studios pledge for the Toys for Tots army done.

So I have the Promethius to get painted and shipped out, Demonllamma's Blood Angels are also sitting on the table waiting to get painted. I have managed to get started on the Chaplain Dreadnaught. The nice thing about the most of this army is that its mostly all sprayed red so I have to highlight and shadow the reds and then add in the details... and poof... done... I know easier said than done with as little time as I have to paint. But I am hoping to get the whole thing painted before Christmas. Might be a bit of a stretch but I think I can get it done. Also on deck for this month is the motivational challenge. Now I only have like 2 more months to do on this and then I will be done with it and have all gold medals. Atleast thats the goal. Now here is my tough decision for this month since its Painters Choice. Do I paint another squad of Fire Warriors, another Hammerhead, or my present from england... 3... count them 3 Forge World Broadsides. I think I will let people vote on that one. Also if I have time and get tired of seeing red I might pull out some Warmachine for a day or two so that I can break things up and not have to paint the same colors over and over.