So I have been hard at work converting a mess of Squats over to carry Cadian flamers... Using some Cadian arms and other Cadian bits. So take a look and let me know what you think so far. There are a total of 10 of these little buggers but these are my 5 favorites. I can't wait to start painting them.

Thats right people...  I just reset the clock but I couldn't help it. I got a wonderful box of models in the mail yesterday and I was shocked when I opened it and saw a bunch of old school GW plastic Squats. Now some of you know that I am no stranger to Squats as I have painted them before. but these are different as they are the plastic ones.

Now I am going to be converting them over to use the Cadian arms so their Lasguns look right along with their other weapons. I am also going to be giving some of them arms and bits from the fantasy Dwarf line. I am excited about this little project. I cant wait to see it done.

More on this little project as I get them done...

Thats right people... 2Ton Studios is getting into Infinity. Not real sure if I will be actually playing it or not but the models are wicked cool. Some of the best sculpts I have ever seen... hands down.

Now with that being said I want to throw this little introductory deal out there for anyone that might be interested in joining me on this one... ALL... and I do mean ALL Infinity models that are ordered through me will be sold at 20% off MSRP. But as usual there is just one small catch with ordering the models through the Studio... you also have to have them painted by me. Now since the models are so beautifully sculpted I am only going to be offering the Level 2 paint jobs on these models, cause honestly they don't deserve anything less.

Infinity models come on standard 25, 40, and 60mm beveled edge bases so be thinking about ordering some wicked cool resin bases for them as well. I would suggest the ones from our good friend Mr. Justin over at Secret Weapon Miniatures. And the bases can be ordered direct through me as well.

Just a little something for you guys to think about. I know I am giving this game a serious thought cause not only are the models really cool but the basic how to play pare of the rulebook is a free download off of the Infinity website.

So if you are thinking about this game and you want to get your models at a discount and have them painted so you can start playing as soon as you get them just shoot me an email at and I will get you a quote.

Hey Gang, figured I would check in with you for a quick update and let you all know what is going on here in the studio. And to let you know that even though I have been really quiet over the past week or so I have been working on stuff... whether it is promotional stuff or maybe a green skin or two... I promise I have been working on something.

So for the painting portion of this little update I am going to show you that I have not forgot how to paint models for 40k. (the levels models don't count) So I have been working on some Orks for a surprise friend that I will reveal at a later date. Now these are Bad Moon flavored Orks... Yes I actually let someone else talk me into painting yellow and you all know how much I hate painting yellow.

This is just the first 10 models that I have got done... there are just 20 more which shouldn't take me too long to get through. Then I will just have to wait and see what comes in the mail over the next week for what the next project is going to be.

Okay gang... this is something that I have been working on for a while now and and after a little bit of back and forth between me and an awesome guy out in California named Mr. Justin...

I am pleased to announce to you... my fans, friends, and followers that 2Ton Studios can now honestly say that we do only use the best products on the market. Here in the studio whether its your models or mine Secret Weapon Washes and Pigments are the only washes and pigments that will ever be used. I strive to give you the best and now I can say that I can as far as washes and weathering pigments go.

Check out the stockpiles that I have in the studio as of today...

Thats right... I just got in the last of what I needed to complete the sets. So now I have all 23 weathering pigments and all 30 washes. And Yes this stuff really is the best on the market!

I have had people asking me for a long time to "show" them the different levels I offer. Now I for warn you pictures do not really do any of these levels justice. I decided to use three of the Ork Nobz from the old AoBR box... needless to say I have a bunch of these models just piled up in a box on the shelf.

First up Level 1. Very basic... just base coated the model with the colors desired and then various washes are applied to help pull out some of the detail. Really this is my "tabletop 3 color minimum". Not gonna win you any paint competitions but will keep those pesky judges off your back for not having painted models.

Next up... Level 2. At this level I go a little more into the model using primarily dry brushing and adding in some layering and wet blending techniques depending on the situation, the model and the color choice. I also pull out the Secret Weapon Washes and do a little glazing as well. These models will have more defined highlights and shadowed areas. I introduce weathering at this level... it may be dust and dirt... a little rust here or there... or maybe even blood splatter. Depending on the other armies in your area this level MAY get a best painted nod or two.

Finally I give you Level 3. This is my master level... no drybrushing is used on these models. This level is multiple thin coats of paint built up in layers to show highlights and shadows. This level is also where I will add in the most weathering to the model... (though not on this ork... he is fresh out of the Trukk). At Level 3 I will also pick out the most details giving you the most bang for your buck. For other examples of this level be sure to check out the Trollkin Kiltlifter from Privateer Press that I painted up for the Crystal Brushes competition at the 2012 Adepticon.

Hey gang I have a great announcement for all of you to check out. our friend Lathan over at Burn In Designs officially announced today that 2Ton Studios is now the official painting partner for his company. And that I will be getting to paint his future terrain projects.

This is a HUGE partnership for the studio and I have really high hopes that this partnership between Burn In Designs and myself will really benefit both companies and will help us both prosper well into the future.

Thank you Lathan for this opportunity and this honor!

Thats right Khador fans... I just finished my Conquest and it is now ready for battle in all its big red stompy goodness. Personally I love this model even though I did have a slight problem with air bubbles in the resin.

Before I decided to start this (not so) little project I wanted to put him on a fancy resin base so I ordered a Rocky Bluff 120mm base from Secret Weapon Miniatures, and the only complaint I have with this base is the fact that its not really made with colossals in mind. It doesn't have any good flat spots on it for the massive feet of the Conquest... so I did a little green stuff work and made some rocks onto the base and got them to blend in with the rocks that were already there so that I could have some large flat areas for the feet to go giving this massive model some sure footing.

Here we are eight months gone from the year and so much has happened in that time for the studio, and there is even more ahead of us as we look to the future.

So, small news first... then the big stuff.

There is still plenty of openings on the commission calender, and with the holiday season just around the corner hurry and get you spot locked in before its too late cause something tells me this year is gonna be big.
On the commission front things are going to be getting a little green around the studio here in a few days as the first in many shipments of Orks will be arriving on my doorstep. I am actually looking forward to this cause lets face it... HOORAY for something different. But dont worry guys its only going to be like 30 boyz per month for the foreseeable future. so like 2 days a month I am going to be going green. The rest of the month depends on what you guys decide to send me.
Also on the painting front I am looking at a half painted conquest sitting on my table so I am going to be finishing it up over the course of the weekend.

Now for the BIG news... and I do mean BIG...

Starting today... September 1st, if you interested in having a batch of models painted but you don't own them yet and you want me to order them for you... I will give you 15% off retail on the models. Now this does exclude Finecast from GW because I can't get those models through my distributor. Sorry guys. Also... I know I keep mentioning that you can get your models mounted on resin bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures... well now you can get the bases for 15% off as well. So lets just stop and think about that for a second... you can get that squad and the resin bases for 15% off retail... that might not seem like a huge savings but it does add up after a while and you can get more stuff. Now this discount only works if you are getting models painted by me so there is that little catch but it makes affording that awesome paint job a little easier and more justifiable.
Now how many of you remember that awesome review I did last month for that STORAGE CONTAINER that I did for Lathan over at Burn In Designs? Well I have been in talks with Mr. Lathan over the last week and we have made an awesome agreement... if you order his terrain pieces direct through me to get them assembled and painted. He will ship them direct to me (saving you time and money) and I will assemble and paint them up for you... but here is the cool part... IF you do this I can sell the terrain at 15% off retail for these as well. So you can get some awesome terrain for your gaming table at 15% off as well as your models and resin bases. Again like the models and bases you have to have me assemble and paint the terrain for you. That is the agreement that I have with Mr. Lathan.
One final bit of BIG news. This one I have not really mentioned in a while... well some of you may remember this but for those of you that dont know this already... I am an official Battle Foam web retailer. and Starting today I am going to offer a 10% discount on Battle Foam if you order it through me. So do you know what this means? I am almost your one stop shop for your new army or gaming project... cause you can order your models through me and have me give them an awesome paint job, as well as the fact that you can get some cool terrain to put out on your table. AND when you are all done playing and you need a place to keep your models you can order you Battle Foam trays and bags through me as well. Now if you do order Battle Foam and you are having me paint some models for you as well... I will ship the models already packed in the foam trays so that you know that you will get your models in one piece.

Well that is all for now and there is a ton of exciting stuff in the works here in the studio so keep checking back over the next few weeks cause you don't want to miss any of the big surprises that I have in store for you.

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!