Okay gang... heres the deal. I am trying really really hard to to expand beyond painting just Warhammer 40k stuff. So... as of september 1st I am offering a little bit of a discounted rate on NON-40k projects. Just send me an email for a quote.

So if you have that box sitting on the shelf and its got Malifaux or Warmachine or even Warhammer Fantasy, and you want to get that stuff painted up... just drop the studio an email and we will shoot you a quote.

Why are we doing this you may ask... because you can only paint space marines so often before you get tired of seeing power armor.

Manhunter "A"...

This is the Alt. posed Manhunter for Khador. For me one of the cool things about this is that you can have 2 manhunters per warcaster in your army... there are 2 poses of manhunter, one male... and one female which is here.


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Another Khador Warcaster. The Butcher of Khardov. This is the 2010 sculpt not the original. I really didnt care for the way he originally looked personally this version it MUCH better. He is more dynamic looking... like he is really about ready to plant Lola in someones dome.


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So while I am waiting on a piece to come off of back order I decided to paint on some of my Warmachine stuff because space marines were getting a little boring. So I painted my regular Sorscha a while back and the other day I rebased her so I got thinking about wanting to paint the Epic version. So I went digging in my box and pulled her out cleaned her up and got to work.

Personally I think that the guys that do the sculpting for Privateer Press have too much fun when they sculpt some of their models. The epic version of Sorscha is a really cool looking model and I really had a great time painting her.

So... I have been toying around with different stuff to make Snow for bases for a while now. I have used the snow you can get at model train stores, and the stuff from Games Workshop. I have even used the crushed glass snow from Secret Weapon (which I did love mind you). But they were all a little too coarse of a snow for this scale of miniatures. Well... I have finally discovered a way to make snow and get it to look like a snow drift or a pile of snow. BEFORE YOU ASK... NO... I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU HOW... YET... I am doing that because I am looking into marketing and selling this snow. I hope that I can work something out. If not... then I will let the secret out. Now if any of you want to know... then pony up with a little money and I will tell you... but then you will be sworn to secrecy cause I dont want to let the whole world in on it just yet.

The model in the pictures is a Sorcha that I painted a while back I decided to rebase her on a new resin base that... yes... it is a round lip 30mm base... I will be working on getting those done up to add into the base inventory soon. The snow was added to give the base a little better effect.

Bringer of Plague

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This is the Herald of Nurgle that comes with the demon prince from Forge World. Dont really have a use for this piece in my Death Guard Project. But I cant leave a cool piece like this unpainted. So I figured what the heck... paint and I will keep in on the shelf... that is unless someone offers me some money for it.

You know... I REALLY love Forge World...

With that being said... Yes I have become addicted to the resin crack that Forge World supplies. This is my Demon Prince for my very Nurgle-y Death Guard Army. I am really happy with the way that this guy turned out especially with 3 days worth of work put into him. Trying more new techniques and delving deeper into my love affair with Reaper Master Series Paints. The Triad system that they have is AWESOME. It makes for easy color matching and blending to make great shadows and highlights. On this big brute I use the "Blood Triad" on the cloth part and I used the "Bone Triad" on the horn and claws. I also used the "Moldy Skin" triad on small parts of the flesh so it would look a little more dead in spots. I also used Vallejo Gloss Varnish on the whole model (except the cloth and metallic parts).

This piece is actually going into my personal collection. I don't think I will incorporate him into the competition roster of pieces unless something happens. One of these days I am going to have a display case here in the studio and I will have him in the case just cause he looks cool.

As the Title says I am going to give a quick review of the Secret Weapon Miniatures Weathering powders. I picked up the Rust set a few weeks back and I have finally found a really good use for them, and I felt that they deserved a product review.

First off the price... you can pick these up for $4.99 each online or if you head over to the Secret Weapon site you can pick up the rust set (like I am talking about here) for only $13.50. He gives you a 10% discount when you buy the sets. Then of course there is the mother of all sets that has all 22 pigments for only $95.00 one hell of a deal if you ask me. In the Rust set you get Orange, Red, and Brown rust colored Powder.

Value and Quality... These are really top quality weathering pigments. Personally I would put them up there with the likes of MiG and some of the other ones that out there if not better. PLUS... you dont get just a tiny little amount for the $5. You get a small tub that has (about) 20mL of powder in it. The tubs are VERY clearly labeled so if you have them sitting on a shelf or in a dimly lit drawer you can still read the label and see which one you are grabbing.

Ease of Use... These powders are super simple to use. You can use them as a straight brush on powder (seal the model as you go otherwise your powder wont stick), or you can mix in a little mineral spirits or water to make them into a paste. I used both methods when I worked on the Blight Drone.

Overall Score... I would give them 4.5 out of 5 Anvils for the simple fact that not every game shop carries them so it makes getting them a little harder to accomplish. So it requires a little prior planning... if you start running low you better order some in advance cause these are so good... you dont want to run out.

Okay... this is the first in a series of pieces that I am starting to work on for events like Crystal Brushes and Golden Demon. Yep... you just read that correctly. I am going to start working on stuff for painting contests and big ones at that. I have been saying since I got started that I am not a professional until I gain some kind of notoriety and win some awards. This being my first round of competitions I am just hoping to make it past the first round of cuts. That will be a big deal for me. If I truly make it all the way to the end and gain an honorable mention or even place... there are not enough "downers" on the face of the planet that will be able to bring me down from that level of joy. I want to make my mark on the painting community and I feel that now is my time.

So first up is the Nurgle Blight Drone from Forge World. I got this piece specifically for the sake of painting because I thought it looked cool and I wanted to paint one. I decided that I was going to add this to the pool of comp pieces when I got it done and I had several people tell me how much they really liked it. This piece marks a few firsts for me. the biggest one being that it is the first piece that I have every used a Gloss coat on instead of a matte. But I wanted the fleshy parts to look like they were slimy and covered with some sort of mucus. The rust effect was achieved by using the Rust Brown and Rust Orange weathering powders from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Justin... if you read this... I love your powders and I cant wait to get the whole set.

Now... what pieces do I have planned for competition purposes you ask... well... lets just say its going to be a heavy Chaos theme this year. And we will leave it at that.

So this is another one of those pieces that I finished up at the start of the month and I am just now getting him posted up so that people can see him. I have been really busy with Resin bases and looking for investors for the studio because it is major need of upgrades to equipment and storage. Anyway I painted this up for the old mans Grey Knight army because I really wanted to help him get that army done and playable... and because he really likes the way I paint characters.

So... there you go... just a regular terminator Librarian for a Grey Knights army. Some of you might notice the spectral skull from the hand and think to your self how that looks familiar. Well apparently since I did the one for the Toys for Tots army last year it seems that I have become famous for that little modification and I get asked to do it rather often. I felt that this one needed to be painted purple though. Just because...