I finished this piece up really late last night and I am really happy with the way that he turned out in the end. I am sticking with the theme of the gears on the base. I did make a couple small changes in the way he was painted vs the way that the painter over at Privateer Press painted him, mainly in the switching the cloth color from white to red. I just feel that when you put white cloth in the middle of an all silver model you lose the cloth. Also I cut back on the amount of the brass on him so he wouldn't appear to... over the top.

Got another Warcaster done and out of the way. I just have one more to go for the ones that have been released already. This model started out to be a pain in the butt because of how fiddly some of the parts are and how some of the joints are TINY, but after a couple hours of drilling and complaining she has pins in EVERY single joint. I wanted to make sure that she wasn't going to be "fragile" to deal with.

See when I picked this model up as part of a trade she was poorly put together with the glue just kinda glopped on in places like the theory was "the more glue that gets used the less likely she is to break" and not a single attempt to pin her together. So after an acetone bath for 24 hours all the old paint and glue was gone.

I finished my first Warcaster last night for the Convergence army last night and I kept thinking to myself that it was missing something. Well this past weekend I went and dropped off some figures that I painted up for my client Royal Eggs and she gave me a baggie full of clockworks and other watch parts, and I thought that adding some of those to some of the bases of the Convergence of Cyriss models would just add that little something extra. I think I was right.

For the overall paint job on the Convergence models I think I am going to stick fairly close to the way that the paint crew at Privateer Press painted the models, cause I really like the way that the models look. 

Remember when I told you all that I picked up a bunch of Convergence stuff on a trade. Well here is the first bit of it painted and ready to share. This army is going to be a bit of a slow going cause there is a bunch of stripping and repairs that have had to be made to the models that I got. Though I did get a couple of new models this past weekend that was kind of nice to be able to start from scratch for assembly and paint.

Not sure what else to call this piece other than the "Dragon Sorceress". I do know that she is from the Reaper Dark Heaven line of miniatures. Now if you remember back a few weeks when I painted up that Bruce Lee looking piece for my Non Gaming client... this is another piece for her that she is going to put into one of her egg shell carvings.

I actually have a small pile of miniatures from several different companies that she has given me to paint up for her, this is just one that I really wanted to show off. In all honesty I welcome painting stuff like this every now and then cause it gives me a nice break from painting the same thing over and over... like space marines.

Things have been a little busy the last few weeks but not with painting... more like the removal of paint.

I know that is more of a reverse of what I normally do here in the studio but I traded off the Space Wolf army I had sitting here in the studio for a Convergence of Cyriss army in Warmachine. Well while it was painted it wasn't painted to my standard nor was it really painted using the colors I wanted to use to I spent about a week getting them all taken apart and stripped and now the Clockwork Angels are all pinned back together so that they don't fall apart with the slightest touch like they did when I first got them. They are now waiting primer and paint... I hope to get started on them by this weekend but that all comes down to how quick I can finish up this non-gaming piece commission.

Speaking of commissions... as Con season winds down and holiday season starts speeding in our direction I am still open and taking commissions. So I don't care if you are local or if you live half way across the country from the studio. If you have models that you need to get painted and you either don't have the time to paint them or if you just want them to look really good then shoot me an email at chris@2tonpainting.com and I will get back to you about setting up your commission. So if you want your models painted at a reasonable rate drop me a line and I will get you taken care of.

Now... on the selling models front... there are still a few things left here in the studio. The list is rapidly growing shorter. I would like to have everything gone before Christmas. If its not then it might just meet a cruel and fiery fate.

Chaos Space Marine Defiler $25

Dwarf Army (Full army, mostly painted... see below for a list of what all is in the army) $350 (will trade for NIB or like new Convergence of Cyriss or Gatormen Minons models from PP)
Ogres Kingdoms (Full army, mostly painted. Email me and I will get you a list and pictures) $400
Orcs and Goblins (Full army all NEW IN BOX. Email me and I will get you a list) $350 (will trade for NIB or like new Convergence of Cyriss or Gatormen Minons models from PP)

Forge World
Blood Thirster (competition painted) $250
Nurgle Blight Drone (painted) $50
Badab War Books parts 1&2 $50