So I finished this monster up the other day... I had to paint him old school because of a compressor malfunction so I couldn't airbrush him.

I spent the better part of 5 days painting on the Stormwall. Since he is Cygnar it was decided that he had to be on a trench works base from Secret Weapon Miniatures. and I think it was a really good choice. This is an epic model and yeah the Colossals carry an epic price tag so far what I have seen they have been beautiful models. I just got the Conquest for my own Khador army in the mail today so I am going to do an unboxing and review for him soon.

But first... I unleash the STORMWALL!!!

Okay this post has been a long time coming and I have been meaning to get some good pictures of this for a while now... but things have been a little crazy since returning from Adepticon back in April that when I had time to get these pictures taken and posted I wasn't thinking about it and when I was thinking about it I didn't have time to because I was in the middle of a big important project.

So with no more delay in things here are the pictures of one of my first ever pieces that I painted strictly for a competition and actually entered... there have been others of course but I felt they were not as strong as the two that I did enter. I will try to get final pictures up of the Bloodthirster later this week.

This is another testimonial that I got from a client in regards to the Cryx Wraith Engine that I did 2 weeks ago.

I am finally getting a chance to sit down and write this short letter of appreciation for a job well done. A job that far exceeded my wildest expectations. I had gotten a Cryx Wraith Engine to add to my army and had needed to get it together as well as painted. I had the oppertunity to have Chris at 2Ton Studios do the work for me. We had talked about this project with ideas on how to go about assembly and painting of this model. He was very professional when dealing with me on this project, he kept me informed on his progress throughout the process. This was done through txt messages and pictures during the entire project. I am extremely impressed with the degree of professionalism this young man showed me during this project. I must highly recommend that you select Chris at 2Ton Studios if you need figures assembled and painted.
He far exceeded my expectations on this project in all areas. Speed of completion, quality of the painting, professionalism of customer service and much much more. He stepped way outside the box on this project. The glow of the wraith engine the shadows and highlights were far behond what i had expect to see. He even placed the model of the corpse field 120 mm base from Justin at Secret Weapon Minatures. This is an amazing base by the way. His finishing touches on it as well was awesome.
Chris has again far exceeded what i had expected to see when I received this model. I couldn't believe my eye. It looked even better in person than in the pictures. This piece is one of the show pieces for my army and of the work of this amazing professional. I can't wait for the Kraken to come out because I will have Chris do that model as well.
I have also asked his do perform his magic for me on a couple of other projects. The Stormwall and Storm Strider for my Cygnar army as well. I can't wait to see how he will complete them and what magic touches he will add and perform on them.
For a job well done I again thank you so much from the bottom of my soul Chris and may you continue do provide these fantastic services for many many others in the future. May you succeed in all that you do at 2Ton Studios in the future.

Steve West

I got this testimonial sent to my email the yesterday morning from a very recent customer. Read on...

Late one night I was listening to my favorite podcast, Eternal Warriors and they interviewed a fella that donated some mini's for a contest they were putting on.  The miniatures themselves didn't really interest me, but the painter had done a very dark and gritty refined paint job.  After listening to the interview and checking out his gallery of works I decided to contact him about a project that has been sitting in the back of my closet for some 15 years since I bought the army boxes of them back in 1997.  Praetorian Guard, and quite a bit of them.

I contacted Chris at 2ton Studios about the project, gave him an idea of how many miniatures I was looking at getting painted and at what level I wanted them painted at.  I wanted them done at his more advanced level, not display level since I plan on playing the heck out of these, but at the same time I wanted them to shine so I wanted better than average.  150 miniatures is not an insignificant amount of infantry.

He responded in a few hours explaining how he conducted business and gave me a price which was more than fair.  Two days later I dispatched my praetorians to him for painting.  Less than four weeks later I got a box full of miniatures back.  I wanted to take a few moments and share some of the highlights of my experience in using his service.

1. Response time to a question or email was always within 24 hours.  Normally just a few hours at most.
2. He sent regular status updates and pictures of the project how it was progressing.
3. He gave me a time line when we agreed on the project and met it exactly.  Keep in mind this was less than four weeks for 150 infantry models.  Very prompt.
4. When he shipped the finished product back to me they were individually wrapped in bubble wrap.  Not a single miniature was damaged in any way.  They took a while to unwrap, but so worth the time and effort in packaging.
5. All communications were businesslike and professional.  
6. He didn't nickel and dime me to death.  When getting the army ready for paint, he didn't like the way the banner carriers looked with just paper banners, so he scrounged up some cadian flags and converted them in simply because they looked better.  It was a small quick change, but He didn't tack on assembly or converting charges like some services would have.

Overall I was very happy with the quality of the experience overall.  It was a pleasure working with 2ton studios from start to finish, and can say unreservedly that I plan on using his services again.  Now that I have all these painted praetorians, they clearly need a tank or two in matching colors.  Perhaps a baneblade.  I would highly recommend his service, and have to several of my friend who are more into the playing aspect of the hobby than the painting side.

So many armies, so little time.  Ask yourself which you would like to spend more time doing, painting or playing ?  I know my time is precious to me and I would rather spend the time playing.

Jeff Morrison
Vanduhar of 40kfightclub

Well here we are... 5 days into the Cryx Wraith Engine and it is finally finished and I am happy with the final results. This model is my first real attempt at large scale OSL work with the glow from this monsters soul furnace.

On a really cool side note... this model has been lovingly place on the 120mm Corpse Field base that I ordered from my pal Mr. Justin over at Secret Weapon Miniatures. Which they are the only company that I order my resin bases from. So keep that in mind when you request the studio to paint your Battle Engine or Colossal from Privateer Press.

That's right... I moved from one project right on into the next. This one isn't as big as the last but it's still a huge model. This is just a little WIP update of how he is coming along.

Well I am happy to say that this job is now 100% complete and are awaiting shipment. Pictures have been sent off to the owner of the army and so far I am getting positive feed back on what I have sent.

So let the picture explosion commence...

Now before you all start asking... I decided to lay the models out on some carpet tiles that we are going to turn into a 3x3 play surface for Malifaux.

From start to finish this job took right at 4 weeks to complete and I am very happy to have them done and ready to be shipped back to the owner. I do hope that this army serves him well as his new(ish) 6th ed. army.