Okay... Now that I have shown off a whole series of master sculpts of bases that I am going to be selling I have a little bit of news about these. First up... the good part... there will be Bike bases done up for each set of these (as soon as I get more bike base blanks) and I will be doing up the large Oval bases for the ones that get the most requests at first. They will eventually be available for all the lines of bases but at first it is going to be on just select few.


Fortress (standard now... Infestation avail. 8/22)
Deck Plate
Rubble (standard now... Infestation avail. 8/22)
Rocky Flats
Snow (not pictured... yet)
Desert Wastes

Like I said in prior post...

Prices are as follows:

25mm: $1.50ea. OR 10 for $10
40mm: $3.00ea. OR 5 for $10
60mm: $5.00ea.
120mm x 90mm Oval $12.00ea (for Dreadknights or Valkarie/Storm Raven w/flight post)
25mm x 70mm Bike $3.00ea OR 5 for $10

Some of them are ready to cast now and have already started being used. Others are sitting in the molds waiting for the silicone to cure. All styled will be ready for purchase by this weekend if you get them Direct from me. Other websites which have agreed to sell them and a couple local stores that expressed interest in having them in stock will be getting them just as soon as I get the rest of the packaging in the mail. Once I have I finalized list of who all will be stocking them I will post it up on here so you will know who to contact. I have hopes of having all sizes and styles in stock here in the studio at all times... but that all depends on my resin supplier and the demand for the bases. So preorder from me now... and they will be shipping out on Monday August 1st. Or if you are near the studio I can arrange to get them to you either saturday or sunday. So get your orders in now... beat the rush.

Base Masters pt.5

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Rubble Rubble

The rubble line are a little taller bases than the other lines that I have made up so far. They are done up to look like large chunks of concrete have been blasted out of buildings and the green stuff looks like smaller bits of dirt and debris. If you look closely at some of the bases they have discarded helmets and other bits of debris left behind from previous battles fought over that piece of ground. Great bases for someone who primarily plays city fight games. Like the "Fortress" bases there will be a Infestation line of these too.

Base Masters pt.4

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Rocky Flats

Really pretty straight forward here... this line of bases are simple bases that have rocks on them sculpted by hand from green stuff... no real rocks here. Some of the 25mm bases are done up to look like the character is standing on a section of a much larger rock which is why there is not any of the sandy material is on the base as well.

Base Masters pt.3

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Fire and Ice

This is the Lava/Ice flow bases that I have done up... Now... like the others they don't look like much in this state. But once poured they look really good. This is another multipurpose line of bases. They can be done up as a lava flow or an ice flow. But for the creative painter the sky is the limit as to how they are painted. For example they might even make for a cool Chaos world where the surface of the planet are small pieces of rock floating above a sea of warp energy.

Base Masters pt.2

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Desert Waste Masters

Now these might look somewhat familiar to the masses... and if they don't... go back a few posts and look at the Imperial Guard Commission that I did. Thats right... these bases have already been used on one army. This line looks good as desert sands or even ash wastes. Some of them even have skulls or even a lasgun buried in the wind blown dirt.

Base Masters pt.1

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Okay... first things first... These are just the masters that I have made for pouring resin bases. They are not that pretty yet, and it might be a bit hard to picture the finished product. But work with me here... this is just step 1 in the process.

In the last post to the blog I posted up some pictures of the "Fortress Bases" there will be a Infestation version of those bases that will be great for Chaos or even a bug invasion. So in this post I am giving you a preview of the "Deck Plate" line of bases. Nothing fancy here but the finished product looks really cool. There will be Bike bases coming soon... and IF I get enough requests I will do up a Oval base for this line too.

Okay Gang... I have been talking about making resin bases for a while now. I figured not was a good time to start posting up pictures of the masters so you can get an idea of what I will be making. I already have some of the molds made for some of these and can cast them at will. I have ordered some packaging for the bases and they will be able to be sold in stores soon. So if you own a store... or if you know someone who does... get them in contact with me so they can be available elsewhere too.

Prices are as follows:

25mm: $1.50ea. OR 10 for $10
40mm: $3.00ea. OR 5 for $10
60mm: $5.00ea.
120mm x 90mm Oval $12.00ea (for Dreadknights or Valkarie/Storm Raven w/flight post)
25mm x 70mm Bike $3.00ea OR 5 for $10

Now not every size is available for all styles yet... but they will be eventually. I just have to get the masters made up.

So first up on display are going to be the "Fortress" bases. They are a tile floor with areas that can be painted up as piles of dirt or debris. They are a good generic base that would look good with any 40k army standing on them. For these right now I have 25mm, 40mm, 60mm, and 120mm x 90mm Ovals


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Okay Gang... just a couple quick announcements that I need to make here.

First Up... I am sorry for such short notice... But I am putting together an order for Forgeworld and I will be ordering on either Monday or Tuesday depending on how busy things are here in the studio next week. So if you want to get in on the order send me an email and let me know what you are wanting and I will get you a price. If you are not local I will need to know where you live and I will figure in shipping for you. All Prices will be converted to USD and will have a 5% exchange rate fee added in as well.

Second... Sometime between August 15th and September 1st I will be putting in an order with Battlefoam for some more bags and foam trays. Again if you want to get in on the order please let me know and I will add you to the order. IF you are local to the studio and you can either pick up the order or arrange to meet me at one of the local shops... then you wont have any shipping charges. Everyone else has to pay shipping on the bag and foam... sorry guy but unfortunately I can't convince UPS to let me ship stuff for free even though I try every time. So head on over to the Battle Foam website to see what they offer and the prices. Depending on if I get enough of an order together I might even take 10% off for this order. So tell all your friends and sell your children so you can get in on this order and help push it up high enough for it to qualify for you to get a discount.

Yep... more Space Wolf do overs. So this is the games day wolf priest that came out a few years back. I love this piece. If some of you will recall... when I did him up the first time he was done in the normal bluegrey instead of the black armor that you normally see on wolf priests and chaplains. Also... I have finally given him a name. Jarron Skeld... it just hit me and felt like a good fit for him. Now he is ready to hit the table again.

So continuing with the theme of the month... Lone Wolf Herrod Greyback. Also known as the lonewolf that wont die among my play group. So I have him sitting proudly on one of my resin bases and he has been completely repainted. Claws and everything. He is now going to be fighting proudly to join his battle brothers in the afterlife. Herrod Greyback has earned a spot among the Wolfguard but refuses to take that position because he survived a fight in which he should of died with his brothers. For this reason alone he fights every fight with the hopes that he dies with great honor... For his brothers... For Russ... and for Fenris.

So the rebasing of the Space Wolves has started and it is going really well so far... but when I started the process I decided that while I was at it I would also work on repainting the ones that really needed it to bring them up to par and make sure the greys all match. And surprisingly enough its going a lot faster than I thought it would. First up I put Lukas on one of my resin bases and did a repaint on him. He looks a lot better now. Before the claws were bluish and they blended in with his armor a little too much so I figured I would go back over them with reds. I pretty much gave him an all over overhaul. With much better results this time around.

July... already?

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Well here we are... July is officially here. And its here with a vengeance. Let me explain briefly... the Studio is in Kansas. In Kansas from about the second week of June to about the 3rd week of October you really want to avoid going outside unless its you absolutely have to. People say that remote start on your car was developed for those that live where its really cold out... I want to argue with that. remote start was invented for people who live here. In the winter we don't get snow... we get this strange frozen substance that resembles rain but when it actually lands it forms this inch thick layer of ice that no amount of scraping will get it off your windows. And in the summer we are well known for getting days that are 100+ degrees and 85%+ humidity... if you dont know what that feels like go sit in a sauna for a few hours. But there are people that say "but its windy there" take a hair dryer in the sauna and turn it on and aim it at your face... oh and have someone throw dirt in your face. Also in Kansas we have these strange insects called "june bugs" but I think they are confused when June starts and how long it lasts.

So... 2Ton Studios... what all have I been up to for the last month and whats coming up this month. Well... I have a lot of stuff brewing in the coming months a couple projects that are kinda on the hush hush. And what all Have I been up to... well thats sorta obvious. I completed a commission that was slated for 4 months in just 2 months. I have placed my initial order with Battle Foam so I am now an authorized webstore. As soon as I can get a real website built I will have pictures up so people can order the bags when they place their commission orders. Battle Foam bags and trays make for a safe and secure way to ship your models across the country. I have shipped this way a few times now with great success and no broken miniatures. So if this is how you want your miniatures shipped this way just let me know and the cost of the trays required will be added to your total... thats it. If you are wanting an army painted then a bag might be more to your liking.

Also in the last few months I have started a Forge World "domestication" service. If I get and order together from enough clients to qualify for free shipping then I will place the order. So far it has been about every other month... the next order date is looking to be July 18th. So if you are wanting in on the next one I need to know what you want and the money no later than the 15th (if you are sending it via Paypal) or the 18th if you are paying cash in person.

So... June was busy as hell... I got the IG 47 flashlight of doom list painted. Along with the Reaver Titan. And after painting and assembling the Reaver I can say that I am not afraid of working on something that size ever again. It was sorta stressful working on something that size in the fact that it had to be done in phases. But I got the whole thing done in 10 days so thats actually not all that bad really. Also I have finally decided on what bases I want my Space Wolves to be mounted on. So I have started with rebaseing them... and while I was working on that I decided that since I am working on them I might as well touch them up and make do some retouching of the paint so that the greys all match and the details actually look better. Especially saying that I don't think its a good idea that my "flagship" army is not painted up to look better than the last army I painted. This army is to act as almost my advertisement when I am playing games. Granted I am also going to be painting up another army for that purpose but until then... that job belongs to my wolves.

In July... I hope to have the Space Wolves all done and maybe pick up another commission or 2 while I wait for the owner of the IG and the Titan to get back in town to pick them up and maybe get me started on the next big job. Also with this summer being the "Storm of Magic" for fantasy expect to see me start working on more fantasy pieces as they come up ready for paint... hell I might even pull my dwarves out and finish them up. just have to wait and see.

Thats all I can really talk about for now... stay tuned to see what I am going to be working on next.