So here is the 2nd squad for the blood angels project that has been sitting on the paint table for a little while now. So moving right along with this massive undertaking. It has been a slow process for the last 2 months but I still have my fingers crossed that I might be getting more time to paint in the next month or so. Anyway... If I can get this army back on track I should be able to have them done sometime in January or early February.

On the one shot of the guys back you can see that I did paint the thrusters of the jump packs to look like they were actively running.

Well I finally got the first squad assault squad done for this project. I am happy with the way that they look... though I am convinced that I need to find myself a high end camera cause mine while it works for taking pictures they are not that great of pictures... oh well...

Anyway this is an assault squad on foot (their rhino is already painted just look back through the pages) and the sarge has magnetic arms so you can swap out what he had. There are also 2 meltaguns and a sanguinary priest in the squad.

Not sure what I am going to paint next for this project... but no matter what I need to get some hardcore painting done. Cause my free time to paint is about to get cut in half again.

So a small quick break from painting Blood Angels... I bought an extra Khador Wardog from Privateer Press and I painted it up for one of my bosses at my normal job. He has a mastiff named Maggie, so I though of this piece and thought it would be perfect to get it all painted up for him so he could put it in his new office.

So with roughly 12 hours worth of work... I can now fully understand how people can spend days on a single character. but I have finished Mephiston. I LOVE the way he turned out and I honestly think that he has to be one of my best pieces to date.

And in all honesty I have got to where I prefer painting single character models instead of squads or vehicles... but at the same time I will paint what ever I can get my hands on.

Really not much more to say on this one that what I got up there already... just check out the pictures and leave me comments.

So here is the Salamander Captain that I painted up. He is actually a Games Day piece from a couple of years ago. Some how I got 2 of them and one of them found his way into my Space Wolves army. The other one has sat on the shelf for a while now the blister collecting dust. Well... Deep Strikin' Santa came around again this year... and I got the luck of the draw of another Space Wolf player but this one has been thinking about starting a Salamander Army to go with them. Well I decided to paint this guy up as a Salamander in hopes that it is that final motivation that the guy needs to build his Salamander army. If not... he has a really cool piece sitting on his shelf to show off to his friends.

So December has arrived... that means cold weather and holidays. It also means another month is here for a new list of projects... well sort of new. Some of them have been in the works for a little while now. But I am finally making head way on them.

So with the start of December I have just one final mark to go for the Freeboota Motivational Challenge. This month it is objective markers, and we have to make 3 markers for your army. I have mine all planned out and and I will be starting work on them on Friday because thats when the "gold" part of the challenge starts. And I really want to maintain a perfect record for the year. I am hoping that we do this again next year, because if we do I am going to finally build my Ork army that has been sitting on the shelf for about a year and a half now.

Also on the schedule for this month on the Freeboota forum we are doing a secret santa project again this year called Deep Strikin' Santa. My recipient plays Space Marines and has mentioned thinking about building a Salamanders army... So I figured I would send him a piece that will motivate him into building his army.

On the commission chart for this month it is still the Blood Angels. I have managed to make a little head way on them and spent a good amount of time getting a pile of them primed so I can go on a painting spree and get a bunch of them painted in hopefully short amount of time. I would like to be done with them by the first of the year. Maybe a little after but not by much.

So I am going to wrap up this little update so I can get a little more work done before I call it a night and go to bed. And Yes despite what some people thing... the studio does close every now and then so I can get some shut eye.