So this is the start of a project that has gone up and down in size a couple times now. It started out as a 2500 point Iron Warriors army... the grew a couple of times and reached about 10k in points. Then... the project went on a diet and it went back to being a 2500 point Iron Warriors army... that just so happens to have a 2500 point traitor Guard to go along with it. This is going to be a blast to paint up. I am really looking forward to this long project. So stay tuned... lots of cool stuff to come. Including a few secrets from Forge World.

And this is the last of the Terminators that I have to paint for 2nd company. And this might be the last bit of blue that I am going to be painting for a while. I have finalized a deal on a really large Commission that I mentioned a few posts ago. The official start date on the project is April 15th but I am going to be getting a small head start on some things for the project. I am really looking forward to it because there is a rather large Forge World model on the list of things to paint for it.

Now the fade on the lightning claws everyone keeps asking me about is actually very simple and is actually not a drybrush job. I started out with a really dark red and with really thin coats (thinned with Windsor & Newton Flow Improver) of progressively lighter shades up through orange to yellow at the very tips.

Smurf Hammers

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So I got these guys finished up the other night... I have just been really busy and forgot to get them posted up here. This is one of the last units of terminators that I had to paint up for the 2nd Company. I can honestly say that I am glad that the 2nd company is starting to come to an end. I am waiting to place an order with Forge World for Resin doors for all the tank on the list, but almost all of the troops are finished.

So I know I am not well known for posting up WIP shots of things... but this is for 2 reasons.

1. The person that this is for asked me to post up what I am doing because he is curious and he is putting a lot of money into the whole project.

2. He is overseas right now and I have more respect for people in the military than almost anyone else I have ever me before.

So... This is of 2 units of Bloodletters of Khorne. Now the whole project is going to be approx. 10k in points of Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines. So this is going to be a LONG project and there will be lots to see and comment on... so stay tuned.

So I have been taking a couple days off from painting so I could do some more prep work as well as work on some base designs that I needed to get done for a client. Now this is actually going to be a one off set of bases. After I get the molds made and pour all the bases that I need to for his army that I am going to be painting starting next month I am going to be destroying the molds and the masters. So this truly is going to be a custom set of bases just for his Iron Warriors. That is if they are approved by him. If not... well then they will go into the pile for mass production and back to the drawing board I go. I think these will go over really well and I figure I will get some requests for these... but for the moment... they are very limited edition.

Now for the rest of my fans out there... if you have an idea for a set of bases then just shoot me an email and we can discuss it. Keep in mind that after I sculpt up a set of bases I will produce them for sale to the general public as well. That is unless you want them to truly be your bases and we come to an agreement on the terms. But that is mostly to help balance out the cost of the blank bases and the silicone to make the molds. Cause that stuff isn't exactly cheap.

I should be back to painting later on today after a little bit of rest. So stay tuned for more pictures cause I have no idea what I might chose to paint up next.

Another unit of Smurfs done and out of the way... This is actually a big clump of veterans. 4 of them are the old Tyrannic war veteran models that GW came out with in 4th ed. That I just found out you can still buy them which is actually kinda cool cause they will make great sternguard filler. So when I get that unit all done up in the future I will add these guys to it. The rest of this group is just a box of Vets... nothing special... I like the way these guys turned out.

So this is the command squad that I painted up for the Ultramarines that I have been working on for a little while now. I swapped out the Standard bearer for an older out of print standard bearer that we had. The piece is from back when GW had their Skullz program going. I really liked the piece and have had it laying around in the bitz box for a while now. Finally found a good use for it. This unit presented yet another first for me. The sword that the Company Champion is equipped with has a lightning effect painted on it... it is the first time that I have done that and it really looks pretty good for a first attempt.