Yes I know it's a little early for my regular news update or even my mid month news update, but this something that I have to say. 

As of January 31st 2Ton Studios will be officially closing down the commission paint service because I have finally finished up all the hoops and paperwork and red tape so I can go back to school for Computer Animation. This is a dream come true for me so I don't want to miss out on it. 

Now what this means for the future of the studio is that for the time being I will not be taking commission paint work until I can see what my course load is going to be like. Then maybe I can open the paint service back up but for only a little work here and there. I will continue to work on my own stuff for the time being so I will still be posting the occasional paint project or other hobby project up to let you all know what I am doing. Some of it might not even be paint related but it will be a hobby of mine.

Now for those of you that already have work with me or that I have agreements with those jobs will still get done as agreed upon so no worries I'm not going to leave you out in the cold. 

The studio has been open and taking commissions for about 5-6 years now and it has been a long hard road. I can say I have painted for people all over the globe. I have painted for podcast personalities on several occasions. I have painted everything from the Massive Reaver Titan all the way down to the tiniest of ships for dysatopian wars. It has been a long and fun ride so for now I say thank you to all of my clients for the adventures and thank you to my readers for reading what all I have been up to over the years. 

And maybe... Just maybe I will be able to bring the studio back part time once I get settled in with school.

So I had to take a small break from Skorne for a couple days to paint my first new Malifaux plastic models. First I wanted to see how well they went together and then of course you know me... I can't leave something unpainted. 

So the first Malifaux pieces I have painted in years... Neverborn Beckoners

Hey everyone, another year has come and gone in the world of 2Ton Studios and as we welcome in 2015 things are still looking bright. Lots of things to assemble and paint. Tons of people buying models and wanting them painted. Granted I might not get a bunch of work and it could turn out to be a slow year, people are still getting their models painted by someone. So maybe someday I might get to enjoy my dream of being able to play games and not have to set up across from unpainted models.

Right now I am working on a Skorne army for a local customer, I am getting back into Malifaux since I had a chance to play a demo for Malifaux 2nd ed. this past weekend and really enjoyed it. Also there is still some more Relic Knights stuff sitting out on the shelf that needs to get addressed soon. Plus there is talks of some more Troll stuff that is not mine mind you and maybe even some more 40k stuff.

So like I said this new year is looking kinda bright for the studio and we will just have to roll with the punches to see what all fun painting projects will be getting to come our way.