Actually this model is from the Reaper Chronoscope line his name is actually Chan Li... but I like to call him Bruce cause that is who this piece reminds me of.

Here is the latest edition to the Circle army that I have been working on. I am thinking about starting work on my Gatormen army now... but I need to get a bunch more basing materials before I can really get into that one cause I have something really cool in mind for that army.

So here we have the Bellows Crew, I originally got this blister as an addition to my Gatorman army but after playing a game this past week I need some mobile concealment for my unit of druids and this wonderful little duo happen to be a 5in walking cloud as long as they are both still alive.

Here is the first expansion piece beyond what I had planned for the league. I really enjoyed painting her and she painted up really quickly, like only a couple hours quick. I would of rather had this been the event only piece from last year cause the Druid Gone Wilder piece was really cool looking. But you have to do what you have to do...

Sorry for the slight delay in getting the pictures posted on these guys... I honestly thought that I had already posted them.

So here are the Druids that were last minute additions to my list for the league that I figured out that I could build a Tier 4 eKaya Themed force at only 35points. So with that being said I had to add them to my list... that and they were affordable. Now I know that druids in the Circle of Orboros are all referred to as "black clads" but I decided long ago that I wanted to change that up and paint the cloaks a dark green. Think back to my Stone keeper, his green robes inspired everything else in this army that is Druid or Druid related.

When I started working on Circle Orboros for the Journeyman League that is being run at the local store I just had to get this duo even though they are technically not part of my chosen faction but they can work for them and these models are just plain cool. I love the concept of having a giant polar bear as a warbeast. Cause polar bears are cool.

Instead of doing up a large unit of these guys I only did a small unit cause I wasn't that sure how they would play out on the battlefield. In the games that I used them... they were okay. Combined Melee is cool but when you are only wielding a P+S 9 weapon its not that impressive.

The models were fun to paint though.