Hey gang, just want to let everyone know that I have an extra Forge World Event Only Boarding Action Space Marine. Right now he is unpainted but I will paint him to order for who ever decides they want to buy him. He is mounted on a scenic base that I built up.

I am only asking $50 plus shipping and he can be yours... And painted to match your army.

So I finished up Kreoss late last night and I got some pictures this afternoon. I haven't done anything with his base yet because I am still trying to decide what I want to do with it. I still have my heart set on these Flagstone bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

I went a little lighter on the white than Privateer Press does and the red isn't as purplish as theirs either.

After several hours I got all the whites on the model. I started off by using the bone white triad from reaper as my bases and shadows and I did a little pure white for the final highlight

So the other day I picked up a 2 player battle box for Warmachine for me to use when doing demos. Well I am finally getting around to getting it painted. Figured since I have so much painted Khador that I will start with the Protectorate side of things.

I will go into the unboxing of the 2 player box a little later on.

So I got all the models cleaned up and I think I am going to prime them as I ready to paint them... That way I don't feel so overwhelmed again.

As you may have seen in my last post I used several of my supply of 30mm corpse field bases that I ordered from Mr. Justin for a "Dead Justice" Malifaux box for the guys over at The Eternal Warrior to give away. Well I ordered some of each size because I am redoing my Warmachine Demo sets and I am putting them on resin bases from SWM so they stand out and maybe get Justin more fans. Anyway I am going to be putting my Cryx set on these bases. Figured it was a very fitting base idea for the Cryx. 

Well here you can see I took a couple of the extras that I had and decided to paint them up now so I could give a review on the bases while I wait on the Cryx set. So in the first photo on this post you can see that I painted up some of the 30mm bases and in these two photos you can see that I decided to do up a 40mm and a 50mm. I chose these extras for my review because I think that they offer a little more detail than the smaller ones.

After I painted and gave the bases a matte coat I decided to attack them with some realistic water that I had sitting on the shelf.

As always these are really high quality resin bases. They have a high level of detail in them and there is a serious lack of air bubbles in the top side of these bases. (the only air bubbles I found were on the bottom of the base which to me is very acceptable). With the amount of detail these theme bases will work great for just about any murderous army. They are also available in beveled edge so you 40k guys dont have to feel left out... especially with the rumors of a new Chaos codex on the horizon. Just think about using these theme bases on a brand new World Eater army... really gets those gears turning huh?

To Justin and the crew over at Secret Weapon Miniatures... 2 huge thumbs up guys. I love these bases and I have some really cool plans for these... so keep them in stock cause I am going to be ordering more.

So... as some of you may know... the last few years at GenCon they gang over at Wyrd Miniatures has released a special "Nightmare" edition pieces. Well (I think it was) last year that they had the "Dead Justice" box which is just a more Resurrectionists look to the Lady Justice box set. The cool thing is that it comes with the cards to play them as a regular Lady Justice set... or different Resurrectionist pieces such as a Dead Doxie.

Well I kinda got the chance to paint up one of these boxes for the guys over at The Eternal Warriors which is a podcast that for the most part is mainly 40k based but they talk about a little bit of all games. This is the group of guys that I did the interview with at Adepticon, which they should be including that interview in an upcoming show. ANYWAY... this set is going to be given away to one of their lucky listeners. I am not sure of the details of the contest as they have not been announced yet. But if I was you guys I would be listening very very close cause this is one I would not want to miss if I was you.

Here is a little preview of the minis that I painted up that you could possibly win.

BTW... If the bases look slightly familiar to you thats because they are from the Corpse Field line from Secret Weapon Miniatures. These bases are BRAND NEW... I am pretty sure that the bases are available for sale through SWM but they just barely got released. I painted them up and gave them a treatment of "realistic" water so the models look like they are standing in puddles of gore. 

So not only do you get to win special edition models... but you get them mounted on brand new resin bases from Secret Weapon!!!

So be listening to The Eternal Warriors for more details on how you can win these sick models.

Here is more of my Neverborn... aka Pandora crew.

Start things off with her totem... the poltergeist. I used a lot of the same techniques and colors as the sorrows.

 Doppelganger... normal from the front... all but for the red eyes and bloody towel.
 Not so normal from the back...

The twins...

 Teddy... aka Grumpy Bear... or "Really Pissed Off Bear" and he is going to eat your soul!

 Pandora's Avatar. With a purple tentacle monster trying to get its feel on. Actually I hated this model. I had to fill in some super nasty gaps and resculpt a bit of the base around where the tentacles attach.

and finally Candy as a bratty teenager.

 So I have been talking about painting more of my Malifaux stuff for a while now. Well I have been painting on it for the last couple of weeks and I am just now getting pictures taken of what all I have done so far.
 I figured when I started painting my Neverborn that I would do it right and start with Pandora and the models in her box set. Baby Kade and Candy were real pains to paint because of how small they were. One of the good points about these models is the insane amount of detail that they get on them.

 Here we have the Sorrows that come in the box. I wanted to keep mine all green from top to bottom, instead of fading to a wispy smokey color towards the base of the models.

Hey gang... Time for a product review. This time around I am writing a review for the Ceramic Bricks from Secret Weapon.

When I decided that I wanted to order these I was trying to decide which color would be best so I had a little chat with Mr. Justin and I decided that the Terracotta mix were cool if I decided to leave them plain or give them a little wash. But really I am thinking that I am probably going to prime and paint them when I use them on a big project. So on with my review.

One thing I wasn't ready for was just how tiny these things are. They come in a bag but because I was afraid of them getting spilled all over the studio floor I moved them into an empty container from GF9 that has a screw top lid. That really is about the only complaint that I have with this product. Now I know that Mr. Justin likes it when people show the products in "action" shots so I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out a cool way to show these off other than just piling them up on a base and calling it good. But I felt like getting creative...

So I started things off with a blank 30mm round lip base that I filled in with green stuff so it was flush.

And then I took a piece of masking tape and I arranged and lined up the bricks like you would see on a brick sidewalk or something like that.

 Then I just spread a little super glue on the base so that it would give the bricks something to stick to and flipped it over onto the bricks that I had on the piece of tape. Then peeled the tape back leaving the bricks that stuck to the base. As you can see below... they are a little uneven in their placement but over time bricks can shift and they are placed by hand (usually) so they are not going to be perfect. Honestly I think it looks pretty cool. 

I have to say that I do really like this product, whether its for something like I did here or if you want to make a debris strewn base or even use them for making scenery. Another 5 out of 5 for this one.

Well another month gone. Adepticon is over. And the painting schedule is wide open for the moment. Had a few small inquiries for commissions but at the moment its just people shopping around. Saturdays starting on the 12th I am going to be running PP demos at Wizards Asylum for anyone that is interested in learning how to play Warmachine and you are in the Wichita area stop by and see me.

As for the project table at the moment I am working on getting a 2 player warmachine box painted as well as a whole slew of Malifaux stuff that has been collecting dust. I also have a Puppet Wars set that is asking for my attention and even some Flames of War stuff. I also have a Level1/2/3 demo project that I am finally going to get around to doing I just have to wait for my chosen models to arrive in the mail.