Hey everyone... Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. I meant to do this last week but I have been busy with family stuff. 

Here is the test color scheme I think I am going to run with on my Black Dragon IFP. I know he still needs some details and some more highlighting done but for now I think it is a fairly good test model. Now I can get the whole unit knocked out and I can move onto the next thing on the agenda.

This is the first piece I have painted for my khador army in a while now that is an actual Khador piece. Now I will admit that he has been sitting on the standby table for a long while now (since he came out) because I was distracted with other stuff. Up next will be my actual Iron Fang Pikemen which have the Black Dragon upgrade kit added to them. 

Part of the reason this guy took a while it get painted was because I decided I wanted to take my time and I painted, shaded and highlighted the scales on his cloak skirt individually which took a really long time.

Thats right paint fans, another month is completely gone. September was for the most part a slow month. There were a couple commissions finished up in there but not much else because I spent the better part of 2 weeks drilling and pinning and rebuilding arms and blasting pikes for my Khador Black Dragons.

At first I was considering just leaving them be until I tried to straightened a few of them out and they just broke off. So that kinda sealed my fate to have to replace all the pike shafts. So several days and some very very sore fingers later I replaced the pike shafts with new shafts cut from 1.6mm aluminum rod (couldn't find brass in that size locally) on the full unit plus the unit attachment. The unit is fully assembled and ready to be primed and painted, so I think that will be the next project. This will be a big painting task cause there are several models so it should keep me occupied for the next several days.

Also in the future for the studio there should be some Relic Knights and some Infinity models (if they ever arrive).