The Avatar was actually not as bad to paint as what I was making him out to be. I have been worried all month long about painting him and thats why I have saved him for absolute last. But he is done... and I am happy with him. Not 100% like what you see in the 4th ed. codex... but I dont really like the way they have him painted in there... so I got a little creative and I think he turned out really good.

This also marks the end of the Eldar Commission. Up next Space Wolves... and the June moto challenge. So stay tuned fans.

Eldrad Ulthran

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So this dude is so bad ass... that I felt that he deserved his own blog post. I have been hard at work all day today trying to get him finished...

Okay so not all day... and I have been working on him and the Avatar off and on all week long... along with the Dire Avengers and the Warlocks. I have been switching off so that way I am not staring at the same figure for several hours. So I give you more Level 1 painting.


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So here are the Saim-Hann Warlocks that I had to paint for this commission. Now some of you are probably wondering... how big is this commission cause all of this Eldar is part of the same one. Well it is pretty good sized... and its almost done. So far the pictures that I have posted up here are also the pictures that I have been sending off to the client... and so far he has been happy with everything that he has seen. So back to work I go... I have one more post to make now and then off to bed... then back at it so I can finish the Avatar when I get up.

Boys in Blue

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So I have been VERY busy this past week... I have been working on these Dire Avengers all week long trying to get them ready to go so I can meet my (self imposed) deadline. I really enjoyed painting these guys all except for painting the heads white. Let me tell you that yes you can make white look good... but damn it is a pain. So I am glad to be done with all the white helmets in the army.

Here is part of the Guardians I had to get done up for this project. I still have some more to go but they are with weapons platforms... I am thinking about doing those next since I already have the paints needed for the Saim-Hann paint scheme sitting out on my table.

I know I said I was going to do Dire Avengers next... but when I got done with the wraithlord and warwalker I already had the reds sitting out so I figured get these guys done and then switch back to the boys in blue after that.

Okay so let me say... that I have been really sick the last few days and not feeling up to painting... but today was the first day since last friday that I have felt like painting. So I took it kinda easy and threw some paint at a Wraithlord and a War Walker. Tomorrow I start on Dire Avengers.

So I figured I would throw out a quick update as to how things other are going other than giving you guys painting updates.

The Eldar commission is drawing to a close and at the rate I am going it should be done withing the next week and a half to 2 weeks. Unless something major or really bad happens anyway. After that I have a real quick Space Wolf commission waiting to go. And it shouldn't take all that long to get through either. I should be all caught up by the end of May at the latest.

So with that being said I will be ready to take more commissions in about 2 weeks. I would like to have one in standby at all times so that way I don't have to sit around and get bored. I mean yeah sure I can paint my own stuff... but I find ways to paint them anyway.

So in closing here... if you have something that you need to get painted and dont really have the time to get it painted. Or if you just really want to have someone paint something for you just shoot me an email at with what you want to get painted and I will shoot you back an email quote. I offer good rates and fairly quick service (unless you have me paint a whole army... those take a little longer)

Chris aka Wolfy

Brown Coats

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So when I first started painting on the Eldar project I was watching alot of Firefly (which was the first time I had seen the series) and I liked how the resistance was referred to as "brown coats". Well that kinda stuck with me while I have been painting all the Eldar and there is no set in stone rule for painting the coats that the rangers wear I decided to make them "brown coats". So for your viewing pleasure... Brown Coated Rangers.

I can smell the finish line from here... Last night I painted up another unit from the Eldar Commission. I am still thinking that I should be done in about another week to a week and a half with everything.

Up Next... Rangers

So I took a day off from the Eldar and decided to paint my May entry for the Moto Challenge over on the freebootaz forum. So I decided to share thie with the masses that like to see what all I am up to.

Another unit done and off the paint table. I keep this up I might actually impress myself with how long this one will actually take. But I need to get back to work... Dark Reapers are next.

Just another quick little update. I fired out these bad ass chicas tonight. I am thinking of finally getting to work on the Warp Spiders next. I am trying to move through this one in a somewhat timely manner all while keeping things looking decent.

So I give you Striking Scorpions these five guys were probably the easiest to paint of the army thus far. I blew right through them in just a few hours. I think it is Banshees next and then Warp Spiders after that. I should have both of those done this weekend unless I get roped into doing something else.

Also coming soon will be the Motivational Challenge entry for May. And it is heavy support this month and since I am building Tau that means a Hammerhead is lurking just around the bend.