Just finished off another set of 10 bikes to add to this commission. I have finally found my groove with this one. 10 more Black Knights to go then back to regular Ravenwing bikes and a trio of speeders. 

I wanted to show a little progress on this commission to show that I am in fact actually working on something other than my own Warmachine projects. 

Here we have a 10 bike squad of Black Knights all nestled together in a box waiting to be packed and shipped back home. 

I will get better shots of them all later when I can lay the whole army out. And no the are not on bases cause the owner has informed me that he has something special in mind for them when he gets them back.

Hey gang, things have been busy as usual through the month of May and things are moving forward again on some commissions.

I am really going to keep the news kinda short this month cause I am super busy working on some space marine bikes and I want to get them done so I can get them back to their owner. So that is the big project for the moment. Beyond that I will just have to wait and see what all the customers bring me.

On the personal project side of the coin I have been buying up the items that I need to rebuild my Khador and make them a little more competitive in the local meta. Also I am scouting out some projects that will be worthy of a portfolio that I can scout around to different companies, cause you never know what the future may hold for me. So in all honesty you guys have not seen my best work yet.