Christmas time is here... In fact it is tomorrow. As I am spending this time finishing up the last commission of 2012 I wanted to take a minute and wish all of you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart.

I also wanted to take a quick moment and thank everyone that sent me items to paint over the last year you guys have been keeping me going and I really appreciate it very much. Without you guys there would be no 2Ton Studios. I also want to thank Phil and the crew over at Firebase Delta as well as Mr. Justin over at Secret Weapons Miniatures... it has been a great year and I am so looking forward to what 2013 is going to bring.


Thats right folks... I have been at it again. Today I finished up the bike squad (with attack bike). All thats left for this job is an old school Rhino and some old school terminators as well as a drop pod and a land raider. So not much left to finish this run of models off.

Finally... Had a busy few days here in the studio but I finally managed to get this unit of Long Fangs finished up. I had to relearn a hard lesson. Which is "paint the bodies before you attach the arms.

Next up the first batch of Blood Claws for this ongoing Space Wolf project. Now the more wolves I paint in this shade of grey makes me wish that I had painted mine in this color cause damn it looks better than the blue-grey I have been painting mine in.

Back to Basics:

I chose that for the main title of this post because this painting service and website started because of some Space Wolves that were painted several years ago. Well here I sit with some more Space Wolves that actually belong to someone else (mine are more of a blue-grey) and the more I work on these I am starting to think that these are so much better than mine, and I have only fully painted just a few guys for this army.

This army actually belongs to the person that is partially responsible for me getting into gaming all those years ago. If it wasn't for hi I probably would not be into gaming and I know I wouldn't be painting at all.

So first up in what is looking to be a really long quest is a pack of Grey Hunters. I still need to base them but that is because I am still looking at different options for what I want to do for this army.

Hey gang, I am happy to announce that I finally had the chance to get the Lone Wolf painted up that I built from spare parts in my Space Wolf bits box. Now this model still needs to be based but he is going to be finding his way into a friends army.

Here is the sixth and final piece from this commission... and just in time too.

From here I am going to be starting on some Space Wolves for an old friend.

Only one more piece to go from the Anima Tactics models that I had to paint. They actually shipped out today so they should be back in the customers hands by Thursday or Friday.

I really like this model even though I had to buy purple paints just for her. I am really happy with the way that she turned out.

Its that time of year again when everyone starts thinking about the holidays and what gifts to give someone. And normally I would be saying what better gift to give someone than a painted army from 2Ton Studios. BUT... at the moment I have a full schedule before Christmas. After Christmas things open back up again.

To start things off this month I am finishing up a few models for my Anima Tactics client. They should be finished up in the next day or so and in the mail. Then I am going to be getting back to basics and working on a Space Wolf army which is due the week of Christmas. I think I am going to pull out the Airbrush on those models to get the bulk of the work done so I can spend more time focusing on the details of the models.

After that I have an open schedule so I am looking for something to fill that time. So if you have some models that you want to get painted feel free to hit me up and we can work something out for after Christmas.