So as October ends I have begun painting on the Anima Tactics models that I got in the mail on Monday. Even though there are only 6 models I do expect to take my time in getting them painted up because I want them to look their best. They are beautiful sculpts so they deserve a fantastic paint job.

I started things off with a couple of the resin bases that the client sent with the models. They are the Temple Ruins bases from Micro Art Studios. Not my normal resin bases as I always use Secret Weapon bases but these are still great bases and they really fit the theme of the models.

Thats right gang... I received some models for Anima Tactics today from a client. There are 6 of them all together for this job and I am really looking forward to working on them. Now if only the paint I have put in a request for would get here I could crank these models out very quick like.

Stay tuned over the next week or so to see the progress of these models. I think they are going to be some of my best work yet.

The Squats are all finished up and are packed and ready to go back to their home in Michigan. I have already sent a ton of pictures the the owner and he really like what he saw in the pictures. Now keep in mind that he did not want them based cause he has something that he is wanting to do to them so all I had to do was paint them... well that and some light conversion work for the flamer guys that I did at the start.

Can someone out there please explain Anima Tactics to me? I am not planning on getting into it I just have some questions about the line and the game in general really. I love the sculpts and the paint jobs that they use are amazing if you ask me.

Part of the reason for the interest in this game is because the Studio has landed a job painting some of the miniatures for the game. I am only getting a small run of like 6 models for this job and they should be here sometime next week for me to get started on them. I have been hanging out on the Cipher Studios site and been spending some time at my local game store (The Hero Complex) looking at the models. So I am trying to get some research in before the models get here is all.

So you guys know how this goes... here we are half way into October with traditionally for me has been a slow month for me.

But I have some good news... things are looking like it might not be as slow as it was originally looking to be. I am almost done with Squats and they should be shipping back to the client next Monday or Tuesday. I am going to be working on the Orks that have been sitting beside me for a while now between finishing this job and starting the next new arrival. I have had a few people contact me over the weekend for some paint jobs and quotes have been sent back. Fingers are crossed that I get a couple of them. I am really looking forward to getting some more work under my belt and one of the inquires will really push my talents and abilities to the max.

And you guys know me... I am usually looking for a way to push myself. And I think I have found it.

Hey gang... figured I would throw out a quick update on the Squats before I start on the next batch. I finished off the guys that we swapped out the arms and what not so they could carry meltaguns into battle.

So... I finished up the last of the flamer squats the other morning and now I am on to squats with meltaguns. So the "short" adventure continues.

So I have finally got down to the painting of these little guys and I do hope to start flying through them. I am just in that holding area pending approval from the client if this is what he is after. Based on the pictures he sent me they look really close to what I am trying to match.

Now before any of you say anything... no they are not based... and that is the request of the client. He wants to rebase them when he gets them back and apparently he has something fancy in mind... so I am not going to tr and force a basing option on him. Plus it speeds things up a bit for me.

Hey gang, I just wanted to let you all know how the squats were sitting. Well I managed to finish the fabrication and assembly work of the Squats that needed it all done and the models have been sprayed. So I am going to go through and pick out the first batch and get started painting here after a while.

Okay... before you start asking... I called this post October Rust because in the past October has been a slow month for posts and projects. I do honestly hope to turn this month around. Then again from now until the first of the year has been slow... but this is the first step in turning that trend around.

Well for this month to start things off with I am going to be working on Squats for a little while... plus there are some more Orks in the forecast. and there are also rumors of either Deathwatch marines and some more Firestorm Armada ships. So I think that this month is going to be a good one for me. ALSO... this month... 2TS turns 3 years old officially. The blogs a few months off still but hey... I still cant believe that I have been at this for 3 years now. 3 Years of purging the world of unpainted models... and there are still more people out there with unpainted models.