So here are the Sword Masters of Hoeth... another unit done and off the table. All this leaves me with is the guys on horses and the guys with spears... 15 total models to paint... then I have the joy of basing all 74 models... that will be a several hour project by its self.

So here is the griffon... and really this one model makes me really want to play High Elves now. I mean the sculpt is just awesome. It was an absolute blast to paint up even though I was more scared of painting it up than anything else in the box. But now that I am done with it... I am the most proud of this one paint job from the box.

So enjoy and leave me comments on what you think.

So I have finally started on the High Elves. Figured I should start with the Mage to get a feel for the High Elves and now I think I am just about ready to paint the Prince on the Griffon. Now before I start painting that model let me just say that it has to be one of the best sculpted pieces I have seen from GW in a long LONG time.

So enjoy the mage.

And then there were none...

Just a few hours behind where I wanted to be at this point... but not too terribly bad saying that I started a day late. 47 rats in 5 days. Honestly that has to be some kind of record. Now I know I still need to base them but that will have to wait until I get the high elves done which is the next part of this little adventure.

So yeah the Skaven are all painted and ready to have the bottoms of their bases filled in and to have some flock added and they will be done... well they need to be sealed too... but that is a given. I am glad to be done with them. They were almost the deciding factor as to if I can pull off the daunting task of 74 miniatures in just 14 days. And since I had to start 2 days late it's actually 12 days. Now off to bed for a few hours sleep and then I am back at it getting the High Elves painted.

This is the first brick of 20 clan rats for the Skaven. I only have 20 more to go and then I can start on the High Elves. It is really looking like I am right on schedule at this point. I have all day Thursday and Friday to get the other 20 done. Though that does not mean that I am going to slow up my pace. I am going to try and get through the other 20 as quickly as possible. If I am lucky I can get them done Thursday night which will put me a day ahead of schedule for getting this box set done. And being a day ahead would be a great thing.

And this is the poison wind mortar weapon team. You haven't lived until you paint a rat wearing a gas mask... its an interesting concept.

Now that these guys are done... all I have left for the Skaven is the 40 Clanrats. Now if I get them all done by this weekend I will be on Schedule to get all 74 models done on time for delivery of the box to the shop.

Through the fire

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So this is the first of the 2 weapons teams for the Skaven that come in the box. This is the warp fire thrower. I really like this model and I love the little rat that is on the base and on fire.

This is the other rat ogre in the Island of Blood box. This one is actually my favorite of the two. I love the way he looks like he is made of parts all stitched together.