Like I said back in the February news post I was going to be painting up a LadyGoat for the guy that bought my Circle Orboros army off of me... well here she is. I had to go digging through my notes and old posts on there to try to remember how to paint the green tint on the gold armor. Aside from that and the two simple requests that a) she be a ginger and b) the goat be painted something other than brown. Well she is a ginger... and the goat... well he is white. So with those two requests covered and the green tint looked up I got to painting.

I could not help myself... I just had to paint up a Troll. This army has been sitting and waiting for me to sell my Circle before I could start on it. Well since I sold the Circle last week I decided to start with this model. Now I picked one of these up in a trade but it was not done up the best like none of the gaps were filled and it still had mold lines everywhere. So I set out do do one up from the start to (a) see how hard it is to clean up and assemble one of these, and (b) to show how much better things look when they are actually cleaned up and gap filled.

Now I know I have some touch ups that I need to do because of some overpainting but I will get to those shortly... like when I paint up the next troll model cause I will have to mix up the flesh tones for some of them.

Now if any of you have ever worked with the plastic heavy warbeast kit for the Trollbloods you will know how bad the gaps are around the piece that the back quills are part of, and if you look closely you can tell that I spent a fair amount of time filling those buggars in.

I will get a comparison post put up this weekend between the one that I did and the one that I picked up in trade.

Hey gang, to start off this news post I just want to say how great it is to have all of you as my followers and even some of you as customers. It really means a lot to me to get up each day and see how many page views I get on here and to know that there are a bunch of people all over the world get to see my work.

Now on to business... January ended with me finishing off a commission for one of my non-gaming clients, and I picked up a new client at the very last minute in January but the piece will be one of the February projects. More on that in a moment.

January also ended with me selling off that Circle Orboros army that I painted up last summer for the journeyman league that the FLGS did. One of the newer local players hit me up and made me an offer I couldn't refuse so they finally got sold. Now part of that deal requires that I paint up eMorvahna to add to the army... like I am going to turn down painting Lady Goat for someone. So anyway now I can start working on my Trolls once I get some free space on the calender.

So now you know what all I have ahead of me for the month of February at the moment... Lady Goat and some trolls... I do also have plans of writing an article on something seriously irks me. More on that later if something develops out of it.