1st Platoon command squad. With them is the company standard and the platoon sergeant (commissar) even though those 2 models go with 1st squad. I figured I might as well paint them up now. All the models in this army are being put on my wasteland bases that I sculpted a while back, and the heavy weapons teams are hiding behind sand bags that I sculpted up real quick this weekend and got the mold made for them. I am really happy with the way they turned out. The sandbags are a seperate piece from the bases so if any of you are interested in getting some for your heavy weapons teams or for some cool terrain just drop me an email and I would be happy to cast them up for you.

The Commissar for 1st platoon. He is painted up to be the platoon sergeant hence the reason he is painted in company colors instead of the normal all black that you see on the commissars.

Here is the Company Banner for the 2/69 Rifle Company "Death Dealers". Now he actually goes in 1st squad But I wanted to get him painted up now with the platoon command squad.

So... up first on this post I decided to start things out with the commissar for 1st platoon. I did not use one of the stock GW commissars, but instead I built one out of parts from the Cadian command squad sprue and a little grey stuff. I added some grey stuff to the hat to make his hat look more like the hat of a commissar. Nothing all that special really. But I am on a mission to build this entire army with absolutely NO METAL MODELS in it. I have 3 pieces that might be holding me back... but I will deal with them when I get to the company command.

So this is 1st platoon all put together with the exception that the heavy weapons teams are not glued down to their bases so I can get them painted up and have them looking good. Here is to hoping that this does not take all that long.

Yes... this is a WIP post... BUT... 15 LASCANNONS!!! are you kidding me?

I do have to say that IG have to be one of the top armies in 40k. Yeah their ballistic skill is not the greatest... and their save sucks even worse. BUT when you can field 40+ lascannons in a 2500 point army and have over 100 wounds on the board. You really have a staggering advantage.

So this is only the lascannons for 1st platoon there are still plenty more to go. I just figured I should post up some shots of the lascannons all lined up. It really is a super impressive sight to see.


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Last Friday I got a phone call from the FLGS saying come get your crap... its taking up too much space. This is what I saw when I got there.

You know... It is a rather scary sight.

Anyway... I have been talking about this commission for several posts now. Well it has finally arrived. I ordered the stuff last week and last Friday it finally came in. Yeah I know there has been a bit of a delay in posting this news... but I have been buried under a mountain of plastic and boxes since then.

I spent about an hour going through all the boxes and getting everything sorted out into platoons so all I have to do is grab the next box in line and get to work. I was going to go assembly line with the whole thing and assemble all 3 platoons and the 2 command squads but I was afraid that I would get too overwhelmed with how much plastic that really is so I figured I would break it up into smaller groups so that it doesn't looks so bad.

So I had this model sent to me a few months ago by a friend over in England. I figured I had better get it painted before I start on this HUGE Imperial Guard commission that has a rather large surprise in the middle of it. So enough about the IG... and onto talking about this work of art. It is the Forgeworld Space Wolf Dreadnought. I love this model... I think it is one of the best dreadnoughts that FW has put out for the loyalist chapters. Now if only they would put one out for the Salamanders I would really be happy. Anyway... I have the arms and the banner pole magnetized so the arms can be swapped out eventually... and the banner pole so I can put him in a BF tray and he will actually fit. Now I know what you guys are thinking... "you never use banners on models so why this one" well I will tell you why... because its FRACKING AWESOME. 'nuff said.

Hey readers and followers...

I just wanted to let you guys know that the blog is going to be getting a few updates and changes over the next few days as I get ready to get started on the Imperial Guard commission. I went through and updated the prices page so that it has the prices for resin bases and prices for warmachine, Hordes, and Malifaux. As well as actual pricing for fantasy. Also I added a Level 0 to the pricing scale that is the good ol' spray and dip method. Honestly hoping that I dont get to many requests for it cause I dont like to do it. But I have been asked about it in the past so I figured I had better post that up as well.

The shipping info will be getting a HUGE change in the next couple of months. But I want cant go into that to much because nothing official has happened yet... its all still in negotiations.

So keep checking back for changes

The Rest of the Crew

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And these are the rest of my Wolf Guard terminators for my Space Wolves. I really like this kit from GW it has some really cool bits in the box and I think it has probably the best Assault Cannon for the terminators I have ever seen, the ammo feed with the ammo box on the back is a cool idea. It makes it look like they are carrying more ammo into battle than a smurfinator. Like they are prepared for more of a long haul. And the fact that you can build both assault terminators and regular terminators out of the same box... PRICELESS!

Also these guys are mounted on a set of my resin Ice Flow bases that I made up. If anyone is interested in a set of these... just let me know. I have them in 25mm 40mm and 60mm.

Right Hand Man

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So... I have been toiling away for the last week on some terminators for my Space pups and since there is no model for Arjac Rockfist I... like most SW players... decided to make my own. But now that I have done this I am betting that GW is well on their way to releasing the actual model.

So as the title says... I had to buy a new Logan Grimnar. My old one has up and disappeared. I have been looking for him for a LONG time now and the other day up at the shop they had one hanging on the hook. So I decided to just say screw it and bought a new one. The major difference between the 2 models... this on I actually painted myself, and I am very proud of the way he has turned out.

I have almost everything bought for the Space Wolves. I only have a couple more things that I need to get for the wolves and then I need to get it all painted. Once that happens... I will line everything up for a full army shot. That is... once I get everyone mounted on their resin bases. Thats right... the army I have never based is getting the Resin base treatment. They will be my first army getting the full on resin base treatment. And they are resin bases that I sculpted. Now these are probably going to be special edition one off bases because I am in the middle of talking to one of the other resin base companies. But more on that later on after I know the for sure outcome of that one.

Thats right everybody... Wolfy has finally come back around to painting his Space Wolves... about a year after I finished the last SW model I painted for myself. This time its my Long Fangs. 2 big units of them... I love these guys. As a matter of fact I happen to think they are one of the best shootiest units in 40k currently. I mean yeah they are just a Devistator Squad... but there is an extra heavy weapon in the unit. Long Fangs take 5 heavy weapons into battle so I set each unit up with 2 lascannons, 2 plasmacannons, and for that nice little cherry on top... a missile launcher. If I can ever get my hands on them I am going to throw together one more unit with nothing but Multimeltas. Now... did I forget to mention that not only can they take that extra heavy weapon in each unit, but the fact that as long as their pack leader is still alive they can split their fire between 2 different targets. Not I have a nice little tactic I love to play with these guys but I will get to that later.