Yeah I am slightly behind the time on writing up a review on using Reaper Paints... I have been using them for several months now and I have had several people ask me how I truly feel about them.

So here we go...

The Reaper Master Series Paint system consists of 216 paints that come in 1/2 ounce dropper bottles and sell for $3.29 a bottle. The paint has really pretty good coverage for a thin paint. Even the metallic colors are thin unlike other companies that tend to have thick and gloppy metallic colors. One of the coolest aspects of the Reaper Master Series paints is that you can buy them in a Triad. What is a Triad you ask... well a triad is 3 colors... a Shadow, Mid tone, and a highlight all in one package. Not one bottle... but 3 bottles. (yes I have been asked that)

The ones that I use the most are: Blood Triad, Bone Triad, and the Medium flesh Triad. Most all of the reds, whites, and fleshy colors that you guys see me paint all the time... that is how I am getting them to look the way that I do.

Currently here in the studio I am using mostly Reaper paints but I do use some P3 and Vallejo colors but I am slowly switching the studio completely over to the Reaper Master series. They are great quality paints, they have so many colors to use, they require very little thinning unless you like painting with water colors.

So despite having a sinus infection... I have been rather productive today. I just finished up this Librarian for the Ultramarines project that the Studio is working on. Soon... (I hope) we will have a completed 2nd Company

Originally I bought this chaplain for when I was planning a Salamanders army. Which it is still in the works... its just a ways off at the moment. SO... I decided to paint this piece up as a gift for a certain Ultramarine army that I have been working on for a while now.

So I finished this Malifaux piece up the other day but real life being busy kept me from getting pictures posted up. She took me a few days to get painted up too. But with this being one of the pieces that really got me wanting to start collecting Malifaux I figured that I needed to give her some extra attention.

Yes... I have finally painted the old metal Khador battlegroup box.


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Going on the theme from the previous post... I am just kinda working on stuff that is just sitting on the shelf collecting dust that I really need to get painted so I can use it.

So the other night I was sitting here in the studio trying to figure out what I wanted to paint. Well with so many projects that are on the shelf needing paint I asked some friends online and finally that helped me decide to paint on some of my Khador stuff, and since I have no warjacks painted... I felt that was a good place to start.

This was a quick commission that kinda just popped onto my schedule at just the right time. Its just the one piece so its done and in the mail and on its way to Scotland. So alas... the schedule is all freed up again.

Think I might have to go back to working on Smurfs again.

This is a new thing I am going to start doing. I am following several different blogs and for the most part they are all really good or have a really good concept. So what I am going to start doing from now on is every now and then I am going to post up a link to a blog that I follow or that I recommend that people at least check out.

So the first Noteable that I am going to post up is a NEW blog that a buddy of mine just started recently and I think it is very worthy of the first mention. Battle-Ranchs 40k roundup is a great blog especially for those of us that have been playing for so long that the standard missions have become boring and you are struggling to find a way to make things interesting. He writes up new missions to make things interesting and keeps things from getting boring. I really recommend that people play through some of the missions that he posts up HERE

Sternguard Complete

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These 6 models will give the person that these are for a 10 man Sternguard squad

Thats it... the Sternguard are all done...

5 down... only the Combi-melta left to paint.

More Sternguard

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4 down... 2 to go

So still working on the Sternguard models... I am now sitting at 3 out of 3 and averaging roughly 5 hours per model.

Now to the music part... I am taking a cue from one of the blogs that I follow called The Phantom Project and picking a song that kind of inspired things this week. I would post a link to a video but I have yet to find a video of this song but I do suggest everyone check it out... and that is "Watch It Burn" by Disciple.

Smurf-Guard cont.

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So I am continuing the work on the Sternguard... 2 down... 4 more to go.

So... I was sitting here the other night after finishing Lord Toxis and I was trying to figure out what I wanted to paint next since I am without big projects just a bunch of small half done ones right now, and that got me thinking about the stuff I had sitting on the shelf that are like half finished projects. So I went digging and I found some Sternguard that I need to get painted up as Ultramarines. And since I want these guys to look top notch I decided that I was going to do something that is completely out of character for me and my painting style. I am going to paint them one at a time instead of assembly line like I normally do. That way I can focus on the details of each figure and I can completely immerse myself in the painting of the figure. It helps with the relaxation that painting gives me.