WAAAGH!!! That about sums up this post... I decided to paint up an Ork Warboss for the ol' portfolio. Let me know what you guys think of him.

The base that he is mounted to is a resin 40mm base that I got from Demonllamma on the 40k radio freebootaz forum. He does really cool bases and has a really good price on them.

So if you are a Freeboota look him up... if not first what the hell is wrong with you... and second... if you want some of his bases let me know and I will get him in touch with you.


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So here is some more Ultramarine stuff that I painted for my dad. Just helping him get his stuff painted because he is busy painting his Warmachine stuff and doesn't have time to get all of this stuff painted too.

That and I am still waiting on stuff to arrive from over seas and north of the border so I can start working on Commission work too. Up next is actually not some of dads stuff but is actually one of my Ork Warbosses that have been sitting around for about a year now.

So I give you another piece that is going to be going into the real portfolio. I am very happy with the way it he turned out. Though I do wish that the camera was a little more friendly to this guy. Instead of being highlighted with grey he is actually highlighted with a dark blue. You cant really tell by looking at the pictures but it makes him look a little more cold.

Now I might be donating this piece to the Toys for Tots army that the Freebootaz are talking about painting up this year. If I do I will be sure to let everyone know and put up a link to the Ebay auction that the Army is at so everyone can go bid on it and have a chance to help out the Toys for Tots.

Capt. Mathias

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So I am done with my Warmachine stuff for a little while... and I am in a holding pattern on commission stuff until they arrive in the mail (I have 2 on their way). So I decided to work on stuff for my portfolio and nothing is off limits. If it is in this house it is going to get painted over the course of the next week.

So I got my grubby hands on some of my Dads Ultramarines that he has been swearing that he was going to paint for about a year now. Well I got tired of the talk and took things into my own hands and started painting them for him.

So I give you Captain Mathias.

Okay so I know I have kinda dropped the ball this month on getting pictures posted up but I really haven't done that much painting this month. I am finally done with my Menoth stuff that I had to get painted and few extras. So I am done with them until more arrive on my doorstep of I actually buy more.

I do have some Khador stuff sitting on the shelf that needs to get sprayed. But I am going to paint on a couple other side projects while I wait for commission work to arrive. Really I am going to start putting together a real portfolio... so back to work I go.

I did finally (after a week) get my unit of deliverers all painted up.

Here is my Warcaster Severius that I did get fully painted at paint day yesterday. I really kinda took a lot of artistic license with this guy and REALLY changed things up from the way the Privateer Press studio painted him in the books. I like mine a little better but then again I am slightly biased. But also I am really starting to hate painting that white... still kinda having troubles with making it look the way I want.

I know I know... it just takes more practice.

Anyway... Enjoy...


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Sorry its taken me a little while to get these guys posted... I didn't get them finished at paint day like I was planning because I spent a good portion of the time talking to the store manager as well as the owner later in the night about some ideas for up coming events that I want to run for the Painters Alliance. So anyway with that out of the way... I give you a pair of Reclaimers that I picked up last week. They are Menoth solos. Don't know how well they will do on the battle field but the look cool. And they were kinda fun to paint... a little more of a challenge than I thought they would be.

In the book their robes are black but I decided to change that up and paint them red cause well I like red... and its not the normal sanguine red that is used on a lot of the Menoth stuff its more of a true/dark red. And yes the areas that are black like the sashes are highlighted with blue instead of grey. If you look close you can see it. I think it gives a nice effect but I am still playing with it.

So this is my unit of Knights Exemplar... I know... I know... I said I was going to paint deliverers next. But I put it to a vote over on the Privateer Press Forums and they voted that I should paint these guys first. So I did... Now over the next couple of days there will be lots of pictures to add because Wednesday is paint day up at the shop and I always manage to get a lot of stuff painted up there on paint day.

At paint day I am going to be painting the 2 Reclaimers that I picked up last week plus another Warcaster that I found in a big box of random models sitting in the old hobby room. Yes he is one of mine So I am going to get him all painted up and then pretty much all the Menoth stuff is done except for the deliverers which WILL be getting painted this week. I will probably break them up into 2 groups of 5 so that way it won't seem like its so many models to paint. So I am going to wrap this up for the night because I still have to post over on the PP forums and get all my stuff packed up so I can go up to the shop and paint.

Well I got my Castigator all done... and got his pictures taken just in time too... my batteries died in the camera. So I need to get more before I can take more pictures. But 600 pictures and 3 sets of batteries not all that bad I would think.

Anyway I am all done painting warjacks for these points lists until I either buy more or I get a special care package from one of my friends that I still have to pay him for.

Up next... Deliverers.

Guardian... Done.

up next... Castigator. Which is also my last warjack for this batch. And trust me I will be glad to get him done. cause that means I only have 10 more guys that I have to get painted for these points lists. Even though I am thinking about changing them.

These are my Wracks... I painted them up on wednseday at the weekly paint night at the FLGS. I am thinking about painting my Guardian next... and I say that cause he is the one sitting on my table waiting for paint.

After him all thats left is my castigator, my deliverers and then everything for my original points lists will be painted. but I still have 2 reclaimers (that I just picked up today) the Testament of Menoth, Serverius, Harbinger, and a unit of Knights Exemplar. I am supposed to be getting some stuff from a friend so that list might be growing... and my 35pt lists might be changing.

Anyway... enjoy.