So I finally finished putting the finishing touches on the pair of Crusaders that I had sitting here. So all I have left for 'jacks to get painted by the Steamroller event is my Guardian and my Castigator. Which I don't think will take me all that long once I get to work on them.

For this week I don't think I will be getting to much more Warmachine stuff painted because Friday is the first and thus begins the next step in the moto challenge and its troops so I have a unit of fire warriors to paint. So its looking like I have a GW project to start this week... and then right back into the PP stuff so I can make my deadline.

This is my trio of Revengers that I said I was working on. I like the way they turned out. I can honestly say that painting this warmachine stuff has been a blast and a nice change of pace from 40k models.

So this is my Repenter from the starter box. I am slowly getting through all of this stuff. I am hoping that I can get all of this done in time for the Steamroller event at the end of July.

I am also wanting to become a Privateer Press PressGanger which requires me to have at least 2 starter boxes fully painted. Which I don't think will be a huge problem. So once I get all that done I will sign up and see if I get picked.

edit I changed out the pictures for the ones with the model being 100% done base and all

These are my Temple Flameguard unit for my Menoth army. I am really starting to fly through the stuff that I have to get painted for the tournament. The good thing is I will be able to get in some games before then (the whole I refuse to play with an unpainted army) and get used to my list and see if I need to make any changes to them. Yet another reason I am going to be painting up everything that I have for the army. Cause I love options.

Exemplarary painting

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This is The High Exemplar Kreoss, he is another one of my warcasters. He came out of the starter box for Menoth. I don't plan on playing a list with him in it at the Steamroller event coming up next month. I just wanted to get him done so that I can at least say that I am getting my starter box painted. That and it is a cool looking model.

Reclamation Period

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So here is more of my Menoth army for Warmachine... This is my warcaster The High Reclaimer. I started him this afternoon at the FLGS paint night event that they run ever week and I sat here and finished him up tonight after I got home. I am really happy with the way that his weapon (The Cremator) turned out with the way the colors fade together. Don't ask me how I got that to work on the first try but I did.

I am really enjoying painting these Privateer Press minis. I think they are far superior in quality over some of the more recent stuff from Games Workshop. I'm not saying that GW does not put out great models cause they do. But I have not had to do any major gap filling work with any of these PP models.

So me and some of the guys were talking about "back in the day" and it got me thinking just how long I have been in this hobby. 1994 was a long... LONG time ago in gamer terms. That was back in 2nd edition of 40K. Back when you would normally play 2000 point games and they would last several hours even though you only had like 3 squads on the board.

In the last 16 years we have gone through 4 editions of the game and are now on 5th ed. I am on my 3rd codex (finally) and the model for Ragnar and Ulrik are still the exact same. It really is amazing how time flies by sometimes, cause there are days when it feels like just yesterday I was playing 3rd edition. And let me tell you... when you have 16 years of rules stuck in your noggin it is real easy to confuse things and pull up a rule from 1994. Then everyone around you stares at you like you grew another head or something.

It really is amazing...

Okay crowd... I know I have already posted these guys up before... but now they are based and varnished so now you get to see the true final product.

Also the scrolls that they are carrying now have writing on them of sorts.

Warmachine Update

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Okay crowd... I know I have already posted these guys up before... but now they are based and varnished so now you get to see the true final product.

The one new addition to this batch of pictures is the Monolith Bearer. I just got him as a replacement to the one that I lost some time ago. I got him all painted up today.

Well here they are... all based and ready to go. At this moment they are packed in a metric crap ton of bubble wrap and they are in a box ready to go to the great white north.


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I give you... the Crown Jewel of this commission... the jump chaplain. I spent roughly 7 hours getting this guy to look just right. And one of those hours was spent on just his skull face getting it to look just the way I felt it should.

I have been given lots of praise from the client for the rest of the stuff he sent me. And this being the last piece of the whole thing I now need to get them all based and get a final set of pictures as a group shot of the whole thing and then they get packed up and shipped out on monday.

So I am now off to go get my basing materials set up and I will post up some more here in a little while.

Scout around

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Well the scouts are all done. I have one more thing to paint for this commission... the Chaplain. And he is partially done already cause I have been working on him all week. So I don't think he will take all that much longer either. I have been getting good responses from the client. I send him the same pictures I put up here and he keeps telling me he loves them. So back to work I go.