Okay gang, the studio has a fairly open schedule for taking on new painting commissions. I have a small one coming in over the next few days but it wont take that long to get through so IF you have some models that need to see some paint... or you are sitting back looking at all the models you picked up at conventions over the last few months and you are asking yourself when might you have time to paint them.

Well don't sit around too much longer trying to figure out when or even how you want to paint those models... send them off to me here at 2Ton Studios get those models painted fast and painted really well... and for a really great price.

Just send me an email to start getting your models on the road to no longer being just grey plastic.

So this is one of those pieces that I have had sitting on my shelf for a while and I finally decided to get around to painting him up. Really nothing fancy on him... just a quick paint job. Not to sure how often this model will make it out of the case but I got him all painted up just in case there is a really big unbound game around the corner.

Thats right readers... its time for another product review. This time I had that chance to get my hands on one of the Storage Containers from one of my small business brethren Burn In Designs. Lathan is a really cool guy to work with and damn does he ever know how to wield that laser of his.

Burn In Designs (like 2TS) is a small operation that really puts out over the top quality work. I ordered one of his storage containers that he debuted a month ago on his site. I only got one and they sell for just $15 each or 3 for $35. Either way its a really great deal.

The containers are cut from wood and there are pieces that he has done some engraving there there is some really cool texture to it. The model does come unpainted and unassembled and the best advice that I can give you (this is the same advice I got from Lathan) is get some 80 grit and 220 grit sand paper. Use the 220 grit to sand all the surfaces before you start to assemble the model. and then use the 80 grit to take some material off the the edges of some of the pieces on the ends... lasers only cut straight up and down... they don't cut a miter. You have to do this so that the edges fit tight together. I went so far as to actually round off the edges a little. Once you have the whole thing together prime it and hit it lightly with the 220 grit one more time... this will make painting the piece a whole lot easier.

To me the container has a very "Space Marine" look to it in as much as the sides remind me a little of the sides on the Rhino. So since I live with an Ultramarine player I decided to paint it blue... but being a storage container there is obviously no set way to paint it. I then went on to make it look very rusty around the edges... maybe I went a little heavy with the rust effect... but hey I was having fun sponge painting.

My Overall opinion of this piece is that it deserves 5 out of 5 for price, 4 out of 5 for degree of difficulty, and 5 out of 5 for cool factor and looks. I love this piece and I think with a few more of them sitting in a cluster they would make for some great terrain on any 40k board. So I am planning on ordering more of these in the future. I would suggest that you should too. So be sure to hit Lathan over at Burn In Designs up to order yours today.

So in response to a comment that was posted up on the Kommander Harkevich post that I made a few days ago I decided to paint up Black Ivan. So now I have the character 'jack that goes with the last 'caster I painted. Honestly I was almost tempted to reverse the colors on this model so he would of been mostly red with black trim... but then Black Ivan wouldn't of been very "black".

Up next for my Khador... maybe Prince Vlad or a Conquest... I might even pull out a some Iron Fangs and turn them into Black Dragons... just have to wait and see.

Well I decided to finally paint up The Iron Wolf and get him officially added to my Khador army. I am sure all of you are familiar with pictures from that army in the past... If not... Go check them out.

Now I do have his companion Black Ivan sitting here waiting for paint too... Not sure if I want to paint him next or paint my Conquest. That is unless I get some commission work to float my way in the next few days.

That's right people... The schedule is cleared up and waiting for your models to find their way to my table for a great paint job.

Here is the last of the models for the podfather. Figured I would post up the last of the pictures before I wrapped up the models and get them to the post office.

I figured I would keep the "runway" thing going with this one too.

This is what I was going to post yesterday but I couldn't hold off posting the battleship cause it was just so cool.

I was going to post up the pictures of the heavy cruisers before I posted up the pictures of the battleship but after I got done painting all I have wanted to do was share how this thing has turned out.

Finished these up last night. I am working on a pair of heavy cruisers and then onto the 3 larger ships.