Hey gang, I just wanted to post this back up again. I have a propainted Forge World Bloodthirster that I have been sitting on for a while now going back and forth at to sell it or not sell it. I have posted up on here a few times now that I want to sell him. Well I am going to offer him up again for sale. I would like to get $500 for him but I willing to take offers on him. I don't want to put him up on eBay cause I have not had much luck on there. The wooden base is not part of the offer, and big ugly's hands are magnetized for storage, shipping, and transport. If you are interested in him just shoot me an email to chris@2tonpainting.com

Sorry it took a little while to get to painting the little guys on the Marauder team, things have been kinda crazy here in the studio for the past week or so. But things are starting to settle back down into the realm of normal. Or at least normal for the studio.

Okay some of you may know from personal experience or from similar post that I made last year, but for those that don't know the studio is in Wichita, Kansas. And for those of you that live under a rock the city was hit by a tornado yesterday afternoon. Well I must get out there that myself and my family are fine, and so isn't the studio. The tornado was on the opposite side of the city from where we are at. So painting and commissions will proceed as normal here. 

This is serving as a test model. I am almost positive that I am going to stick with this paint scheme. I wanted to stick to something close to how Mantic painted the models because I liked the way that they looked. I just wanted to give them my own spin.

Well thats it for this team gang. With the completion of the Strikers this team is finished. I just need to get them sprayed with a matte varnish and then they will be ready to play. Also at that point I will get pictures of the whole team all laid out for the team photos.

And hopefully those pictures will turn out better...

So the other night I finished off the last of the Guards and tonight I decided to get to work on the Jacks. Well I managed to get the 6 of them all done. All that leaves is the 6 Strikers and I am done with the Corporation team. When I get the whole team done I will get pictures of the whole team all laid out. For now... just a taste of how they are starting to turn out.

Thats right, I am finally working on Dreadball stuff. This is just a test run on a paint scheme for the Corporation team. I wanted to stay with blue and silver but change things up a little bit. I started by making the blue the primary color of their armor and then I changed the shade of blue to a softer aged looking blue compared to the true blue that they used on the studio models.

Ravenwing Librarian

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Thats right... don't let the title confuse you. I converted a librarian to be riding a Ravenwing bike.

Well actually I sorta stole the idea from the April 2013 issue of White Dwarf, page 109 if you want to go and look it up. On that page Mark Bedford took the Librarian from the Dark Vengeance box set and combined him with a bike from the new Ravenwing Command Squad box and BAM there is one of the coolest ideas I have seen in a while and I thought to myself, "Hey I can do that one too. I have the stuff here in the studio to do it. I just have to convince the owner of the Dark Angels stuff to let me do it." Which honestly it wasn't that hard to convince him of this because after all he is building a full fledged Ravenwing army and was trying to figure out how to work a Librarian into the mix. So I showed him the pictures and the rest was history.

The hard part was trying to figure out where I could fit this into the schedule of the studio since I keep having things just kinda pop up on the list of stuff that I need to get done around here. Well I finally had a clear spot after I got those Pathfinders painted up to showcase the Tau Ceti bases. Then I wanted to get something else painted up for the Blood Angels before I started on something else and he only took a day to paint up. That brings us to today... the hardest part of making this conversion is cutting the Librarians legs off and shaping the waist so that it would fit on the bike. Also like on the model in the WD I took the keys that on the loin cloth of the Librarian and trimmed around the keys and did a ton of shaving to the the piece nice and thin and attached it at his waist once the top half was mated to the bottom half.

Now to prime the model and hand it off to the owner for him to get painted.