Scratch another model off the list for this round of Anima Tactics models. This time around it was the Male Azur Agent.

Got another piece finished up and crossed off the Anima Tactics list. just four more models to go and this one will be done. looking like this one will be done and in the mail on Monday. Then... Space Wolves get to meet my Iwata.

I know... I seriously need to save up for a new photo set up.

First model of this commission is now done and out of the way. I decided to start with Wolfgang cause I liked the way the piece looked and I was really wanting to try out some new paints for his skin. 

Yep you read that right. I have another batch of models from my Anima Tactics customer. I got six ore models in the mail the other day and I got them all cleaned up and put together and the first few are primed and ready to see paint. I got the bases cracked out this evening and the models should start to follow in the next day or so.

I do still have a Space Wolf commission sitting here as well and so those models will be seeing paint too.

I know there are a bunch of you fellow gamers out there that play 40k and you have boxes upon boxes FULL of random bits. Have you ever wondered what all you could do or how many more models you could make to integrate into your army. Well yesterday I go to thinking that I know I have some regular Space Marine legs left over in one of my many bits boxes. So I decided to go raiding. And after poking around in my marines bits box I came up with all the random pieces to build a new Lone Wolf for a friend. It is amazing what all can be found in a bits box. Hell I am betting that if I went through my Imperial Guard box I might be able to build a small platoon, and in my Chaos box I know I can build 2 maybe 3 squads of guys.

So here is my Lone Wolf bits box special...

I just need to throw some primer on him and get him painted... give me something to work on this weekend while I watch some football games.

Thats right. I have been talking about selling this monster for a long while now and have yet to post him up on here. So here we go. The Forge World Blood Thirster that I painted up for the Crystal Brushes competition at Adepticon 2012 is for sale. I was originally going to hang onto this model because he is an awesome piece... and he is massive. Just a little too massive for my shelf so he has to go. I am asking $550 plus shipping for this competition painted piece. If you are interested send me an email at or and we can work out all the details. On a side note his hands are not permanently attached but are magnetized to make transporting this monster easier. This price does not include the wooden display base that he is sitting on. If you are wanting that as well there will be an additional charge for that... just let me know in your email if you are wanting the base too.

Hey gang... I have been looking at the Dreadball stuff from Mantic games since they had it on Kickstarter. I am really liking the look of this new game. In a way it looks like a combination of Blood Bowl from Games Workshop and the movie Rollerball.

Now I just went and checked with my distributor and everything is holding on a preorder status so IF there are any of you that are wanting this game and not wanting to paint it send me an email to It is looking like the main game is going to be $79.99 the team boxes are $24.99 and the MVP's are only $7.99. IF... IF you order the stuff from me you can get them painted before they are sent to your doorstep for $150.00 for the main box, $45.00 for the team boxes, and $15 for the MVP's.

So if any of you are interested just send over an email to to get your place in line.

Well here we sit... the end of yet another week and a commission has been completed. I finished up the Anima Tactics commission very early on Thursday morning and then got them all packed up and mailed out this afternoon. So my client should be getting them on Tuesday. So I am going to go back to painting Orks unless I get someone else to send me something to paint. Though I may find a Warmachine model or two to work on. Just have to wait and see.

I do have a some Space Wolves that are going to be coming into the studio in the next couple of weeks but until then if you have anything that you want to get a quick and awesome and affordable paint job on just shoot me an email to and I will get right back with you.

Stayed up late in the studio tonight so I could get this last piece all finished up and so I could call this job complete. Now to get them all wrapped up and ready to ship. I really hope that the client is happy with the final results as this may lead to much much more Anima Tactics models in my future.

Another piece done for this job and that leaves me just one more model to go before I can call this a completed commission. I know in just about every post I talk about how much I love the models for Anima Tactics so you all are probably getting pretty tired of seeing it... but hey... I can't stress it enough that these models are awesome.