Hey gang... I have been SUPER busy over the last week with trying to get stuff done... I finished up the Skinwalkers and the Skinwalker Alpha as well as a War Wolf and this little monster... Gorax... one of the light warbeasts that I am needing to get done for the Journeyman League. I still need to finish his base with a little paint and some Leaf Litter from Secret Weapon miniatures. I just was so happy with the way that this model turned out that I had to get him posted up real quick since I just got the sand glued down. Once that is dry I will paint it darker and add the Leaf Litter and he will be 100% done. But for now I will show you a cool paint job. I could of used the old sculpt of the Gorax because my FLGS has a few of them on the shelf... but personally I hate that sculpt so I had to order this one in cause I like it better.

Now I have received a couple emails in the last week asking how I get the Lacquered Bronze look on the armor plates that the models have on them. It is a super simple process really... it can be a little time consuming depending on how dark you want the green to be. The way that Privateer Press explains it in the Circle Orboros book is a little long winded and confusing even to me so I figured out my own way by using a couple washes from the Secret Weapon Miniatures line. I mix equal parts Algae and Green and just apply liberally... wait for it to dry to see if I got the desired tint or if I need to add more layers. On the models that I have been doing lately I have been using like 4 or 5 layers to get the shade of green I like and still have some of the bronze base color showing through.  

Here is the last model from the first two weeks of the Journeyman League that is going on at the local store. Actually went up to the shop and played a couple of games and had several compliments on the way that this guy looks. So I will take that as a huge plus.

So here is the Feral Warpwolf... after this it is looking like I am going to get the Skinwalkers and their Alpha painted up.

And here is the regular Argus from the Battlegroup. I decided to go with grey fur on him. I think grey is going to be the dominate fur color in this army... mainly cause I like painting grey more than I do the browns. When I get the Feral Warpwolf posted up you will get to see brown fur.

There is a slight difference between the regular Battlegroup box for Circle Orboros and the 2 player version... other than the addition of the Skinwalkers in the 2 player box. They swap the second Argus from the regular box for a Winter Argus in the 2 player version. And in all honesty... I am glad that they do cause the Winter Argus I think is a little better offensively than the regular Argus. Well here is my take on the Winter Argus.

I decided to stick with the white fur similar to the way that Privateer Press painted the model. I also kept the lacquered bronze armor and on a larger scale I really like the way it looks with the way that I am doing it. Also I decided to stick with the Leaf litter from Secret Weapon Miniatures cause I think it really brings the whole theme together.


I was so looking forward to painting these models cause they looked like they would be so much fun... plus there was another little challenge built in cause I wanted the stones to have more of a "glow" than the way that they are painted in the book. Also on the Stone Keeper I really had the chance to play with the concept of the "lacquered bronze" armor cause the Stone Keeper had more of that exposed than Kaya did. Overall I like the way it turned out on him. I will just have to wait and see how it really looks on a much larger area like on the armor plates on the Argus or even the Warpwolf.

So I have finally started painting on my models for the Journeyman League that my local game store is hosting. In the league I am running the Circle Orboros that come in the 2 player box set. Figured I would start with Kaya the warlock in the set. The league started this past Saturday and part of what has taken me so long to get her done was because I was having a hard time trying to decide to how to do up the bases. So I figured I would do something simple that still looks cool. I went with a fine grit and painted a dark brown and then I went digging on my shelf and I found some of the leaf litter that I got a while back from Mr. Justin over at Secret Weapon Miniatures and glued some of that to the base to add a little more texture.

Hey gang, it has been a busy week in the studio. Been spending a lot of time up at the shop playing and getting in some prep games for the Journeyman League that we have coming up. It was going to start today but it got pushed back a week to allow for the release of the Convergence of Cyriss faction that happens this week. So the Circle models I was going to paint have been pushed back a week and I decided to work on a Khador model that I picked up at the suggestion of another player.

So I give you my Koldun Lord...

Hey Gang, just your favorite painter here checking in with you to let everyone know that June ended as yet another top month for page views and for that I just want to thank you all again because I can't get the view count without you checking in to see what I am up to. July is going to be a major shifting of gears for me from the GW stuff that I have been painting (unless I get commission for it) I am going to be painting a bunch of Hordes models from Privateer Press. My FLGS The Hero Complex is hosting a Journeyman League event over the next several weeks. It is supposed to start this up coming Saturday and then I can start painting for it. I was going to be doing a Gatorman army but I changed my mind and I am going to be doing a Circle of Orboros army for it instead cause there was less stuff that I had to buy to get ready for it. I am still going to be doing the Gatorman army I am just going to have to hold off on them for the moment cause I need to finish gathering up supplies and then order the hollow resin bases from Secret Weapon cause I am going to model them coming up out of the swamp. So I need a couple more packs of tree stumps from Mr. Justin and few other odds and ends first, then I will be all ready to go.

Also for July there are going to be a couple more Product Reviews as I have finally got my grubby little hands on a trio of Minitaire paints from Badger as well as the Sack o' Corpses (or the "Body Bag" as I call it) from Secret Weapon Miniatures that I ordered arrived. Might have to model these onto the bases at least for the Blackhide Wrastler so that he takes his snack with him.