yet more models for the team army. Fingers crossed that the team does well at the tournament.

Just more models for the Cygnar half of Team Rolling Thunder. This is so we can try out some list variants to see what works best.

Here is a shot of the entire unit... all 16 models. It is a massive unit but with the combination of including them and a warcaster with the iron flesh spell this is a unit that become a tar pit that can just absorb punishment from your enemy and be able to dish it out too.

Khador Winter Guard

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This post should be the dead give away that for the last 2 weeks (not counting when I was painting a small commission) I have been working building what Warmachine players have been known to call the Winter Guard Deathstar... I like to refer to it as the "tar pit" especially if paired with a warcaster like eSorscha or pButcher.

Anybody out there have any ideas yet...

I think I am starting to really paint a picture here with what I have been painting.

Khador: Kovnik Josef Grigorovich

Okay... I am a Khador player and when most current Khador players field this guy it can mean only one thing is on the horizon.

More stuff from Dystopian Wars: Covenant of Antarctica. This time around its the battleship from the naval fleet box. There are going to be plenty more posts up of D-Wars stuff. I hope to get back to Warmachine here in the next few days.

Well some of you might of been wondering why it was starting to look like a slow month. Well it really hasn't been a slow month I have actually been really busy working on some stuff for a local business and then this stuff... Thats right... I actually had a commission come in so I wanted to get it cracked out really quick. I had to start this one off by stripping off the crap paint job the models had from a previous commission service had done. Then I pulled out the old air brush and set to work with giving the models a camo pattern.

These are a pair of bloat thralls I painted up a little while back. They were one of those things that I wanted to paint just to see how I could get them to turn out.

Okay Gang... as I mentioned in the last post that I was going to be doing more videos this month. Some more beginner than others. This one is a little more beginner than the last one but it s another one of those topics that us more experienced hobbyists take for granted. Drilling and Pinning... when we see an article in a magazine or online about how to assemble a model or how to convert a model one thing that we almost always see mentioned is pinning the model. And in one picture you see the piece and in the next *poof* there is a pin there. Well those of us that have been at this for a while know how to do this already. Then there are some of us that might not know what they are talking about. So in this VIDEO I go into how to do it and what you need to do it.

So enjoy and post up letting me know what you think.

Well here we are yet again... another month is gone and we start anew. Well thing here in the studio are still wide open. I am sponsoring Firebase Delta which is a Firestorm Armada pordcast. I have done some painting for Phil one of their hosts over the last couple of months and he has been really impressed so far. In fact he is in the works of cutting a commercial for the studio and it should be ready here pretty soon. Also I should be recording an interview with him in the next few days so that all of you can hear my voice on his podcast. As soon as that happens and that podcast is posted I will put up a link to it so my followers can check it out.

As I am sure some of you noticed last month I did several product reviews for my friends over at Secret Weapon Miniatures. Well I am up for doing more product reviews and if you have products that you want a review written for them just drop me a line and we will see if we can fit it in the schedule. Also one of the big things for last month I am sure that a bunch of you saw that I posted up a tutorial on youtube. Well that is just the first in a series that I am working on (since that one went over so well) some of them will be more geared towards the beginner hobbyist and some will be geared to the more advanced. Some things that us more veteran gamers take for granted will be covered cause when we normally tell someone how to do something we might not think that this person might not know how to do everything involved.

As for the painting table for February I am going to be continuing work on the Khador project as Adepticon is just on the horizon and I still have a bunch of stuff to get painted by the end of April. Also there will be some stuff painted up for a Cygnar army and maybe even some more Firestorm Armada. Really most of this is dependent on what all I get coming in for commission work.

So as always stay tuned to the blog cause you may never know what you might miss. And If you want a quote for a commission just drop me a line cause right now there is nothing on the schedule.